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"IELTS Speaking for Success" is a podcast where a native English speaker answers IELTS speaking test questions. Every Monday our hosts: Maria and Rory come together to discuss latest IELTS Speaking topics, go over useful vocabulary, grammar, and provide model answers and vocabulary to help you on your way to improving your general spoken English as well as achieving a higher band in your exam, all while having fun!
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4 million listens since November 2019. The show gets average downloads of 220,000-250,000 per month.

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Evergreen episodes
We develop the main conception of a company according to the company's targets and develop strategies of competitive advantage.
Branding concepts
We develop the strategy, conception, and ideology of the project and offer you city planning ideas.
IELTS Candidates
Learn model answers and vocabulary that will help you boost your English and get a higher band in your IELTS Speaking exam!
General English Learners
If you're studying general English and would like to understand more, and sound like a native speaker, listening to our podcast will help you achieve that!
Get inspired to teach your students IELTS Speaking! Get them engaged, improving, and having fun...along the way! You can use this podcast in your classes or give it to your students as homework!
English Teachers
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About us + Our mission

It all started with a desire to make a podcast that would really help people learn English.

We came up with an idea to have a native English speaker answer the most common IELTS speaking questions and then analyze their answers and highlight all the fancy vocabulary used in order to give people model answers that they could use in their exams. This is how our podcast "IELTS Speaking for Success" came to be. Since then, we have expanded onto the other parts of the IELTS exam, developed audio, video courses, and are now working hard to bring our audience the best quality content that not only educates, but also entertains, as well as spreads positivity and good mood around the globe.

Rory Duncan
Rory comes from Scotland and is a regular public speaker, making him an ideal speaking coach. He is a holder of CELTA, IH CAM and Delta Module One qualifications along with many others. In addition to teaching various exam preparation classes (Cambridge, GMAT, IELTS, Trinity, among others), Rory has lived and worked intensively and with great passion in European and African countries with a focus on Young Learners and Exam Preparation for the last 10 years (along the way).
Ivan Fidrovskiy
Ivan is super cool and full of awesomeness. He is the inspiration and brain of our projects. Ivan's graduated from University of Nottingham and speaks English as well as Chinese. He's lived in Northern Cyprus, Singapore, China and is now based in Moscow. He produces podcasts, writes music and does sound design.
Maria Molashenko
Maria is charisma of our projects. Besides her stylish hair and charming smile she also has CELTA, DELTA and a 12-year experience teaching English. Maria is a CELTA tutor and has worked in Asia and Europe training teachers from all over the globe. She's been with IELTS for over 6 years, has taken the exam herself several times and helped hundreds of happy students to achieve the score they wanted.
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