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This course provides you with a framework that will help you learn and understand what phrasal verbs are, how they work, and how you can use them to improve your fluency when speaking English, all while having fun along the way!
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15 Lessons
250+ Phrasal Verbs
Formal / Informal
That's over 2.5 hours of study materials! We go over more than 250 phrasal verbs, give you examples and help you remember them

On this Podcourse we cover phrasal verbs that can be used in formal and informal situations, both: in speaking and writing

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Phrasal verbs are grouped into lessons based on their prepositions

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A Podcourse is a course, but also a podcast at the same time! It utilizes audio format to its full potential. Podcourses are educational, informal, and entertaining!
Phrasal Verbs
IELTS Candidates
Using idiomatic language naturally and accurately (e.g. phrasal verbs) will help you achieve a higher band in your IELTS Speaking test!
English Learners
If you're studying general English and would like to learn to be able to understand more, and sound like a native speaker, learning phrasal verbs will help you achieve that!
Get inspired to challenge your students with an entertaining new way of teaching phrasal verbs to get them engaged, improving, and having fun...along the way!
English Teachers
"Phrasal verbs are extremely common in the English language. Learning them will help you improve your understanding and sound more natural."
In the course, we have grouped phrasal verbs with different prepositions into 11 separate episodes and added 4 more with more general information, talking about formal/informal, separable/inseparable phrasal verbs etc.
#1 Introduction to the course
In this first part of the course, we explain the structure of the course, its purpose, why it is important and how to get the most from it.
#2 Things you need to know about phrasal verbs
In our second episode, Rory and Maria go into great detail about phrasal verbs; what they are, how they work, the problems people have when using them, and how to use the course to help you improve.
#3 Phrasal verbs with UP
Get ready to beef up (improve) your grasp of phrasal verbs with up as Maria quizzes Rory while trying not to get up his nose (annoy him).
#4 Phrasal verbs with BACK
Maria and Rory don’t hold back (stop themselves from continuing) in their episode about phrasal verbs with back.
#5 Phrasal verbs with DOWN
Maria continues her questioning of Rory but he refuses to back down (stop trying to succeed) as they explore phrasal verbs with down.
#6 Phrasal verbs with IN
Maria and Rory do their best to pack in (use as many as possible) as many phrasal verbs with in as they can.
#7 Phrasal verbs with OFF
Our intrepid duo make an effort not to put people off (make them disinterested) with their jokes in our episode about phrasal verbs with off.
#8 Phrasal verbs with ON
Maria and Rory look to build on (use their success to go further) their understanding of phrasal verbs with on and explore the phrasal verbs they decided on (chose) with on.
#9 Phrasal verbs with OUT
Rory tries not to freak Maria out (scare/make her nervous) in this episode where we explore phrasal verbs with out.
#10 Phrasal verbs with OVER
Maria and Rory struggle to get over (recover from) all of their hard work when looking over (inspecting/examining) their list of phrasal verbs with over.
#11 Phrasal verbs with AROUND
Our two tutors don’t beat around the bush (talk about unimportant things to avoid a subject) as they try to get their head around (understand) phrasal verbs with around.
#12 Phrasal verbs with ABOUT
IN this episode, Rory and Maria take some time to talk about (discuss) phrasal verbs with about.

#13 Phrasal verbs with THROUGH
There is a lot of get through (process and understand) as Maria and Rory go through (discuss or examine) phrasal verbs with through.
#14 More useful phrasal verbs
In our penultimate episode, we do our best not to fall apart (fail to stay together) as we look for (search) other phrasal verbs that do not fall into (become part of) our previous categories.
#15 Formal phrasal verbs to use in Writing
In this final episode, Rory and Maria talk about phrasal verbs in the IELTS writing section and how to use them to get a high score…a band 9 score!
Each episode is divided into two main sections: "quiz", and "mechanics".

In this main section of every episode phrasal verbs are divided into separate categories of meaning based on what their preposition does to the verb. e.g. What does preposition "UP" add to the verb? How do you remember phrasal verbs with this preposition?
In the beginning of every lesson there's a phrasal verbs quiz, the aim of which is to show how much more natural and fluent speech with phrasal verbs sounds.

Listen actively

Give yourself an hour a day to listen to the Podcourse. Listen carefully for the phrasal verbs focused on in each episode in the examples given and the explanations presented.

Write things out

Active listening involves writing things out. Take time to pause and write down phrasal verbs you like. Say them aloud to practice your pronunciation.

You might want to use "Quizlet" or services alike to help you learn phrasal verbs.
Also. it's better to memorize phrasal verbs together with a few examples.

Refresh your knowledge by listening to the episodes again and recalling all the phrasal verbs you focused on in the course.

STUDY. Do not rush to listen to the whole course in one day. Take your time. Listen to one episode every few days. FOCUS. Write things out. Learn. Review.
Remember that you can always go back to the episodes when needed!
Maria and Rory are both cool and full of awesome!
You might know them as the hosts of the "IELTS Speaking for Success" podcast.
Maria and Rory are both cool and full of awesome! You might know them as the hosts of the "IELTS Speaking for Success" podcast.
Maria Molashenko
Maria is a Cambridge certified teacher and teacher trainer (CELTA, DELTA) and has been teaching English since 2004. Maria is a CELTA tutor and has worked in Asia and Europe training teachers from all over the globe. She's been with IELTS for over 7 years, has taken the exam herself several times (9.0 for speaking), and helped hundreds of happy students to achieve the score they wanted. Maria is a Nile (Norwich, UK) certified IELTS teacher.
Rory Duncan
Rory comes from Scotland and is a regular public speaker, which makes him an ideal speaking coach. He is a holder of CELTA, IH CAM and Delta Module One qualifications along with many others. In addition to teaching various exam preparation classes (Cambridge, GMAT, IELTS, Trinity, etc.), Rory has lived and worked intensively in European and African countries with a focus Exam Preparation for the last 10 years.
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