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Describe a happy event you organized

Part 2

This episode's vocabulary

  • To host (verb) - to provide the space and other things necessary for a special event.
  • Downside (noun) - a disadvantage of a situation.
  • Store-brought (adj.) - store-bought food is bought in a shop and not made at home.
  • Guest list (noun) - a list of the people who are invited to an event or social occasion such as a party.
  • Waver (verb) - to begin to doubt or lose your determination to do something.


Questions and Answers

M: Rory, are you happily ready?

R: Yes.

M: Off you go.

R: I think the example that comes to mind most easily is probably my going away party, which I held in the summer of 2021 in Russia. Well, in Moscow, actually. I think it was, well, it was the main event in a series of parties. Since I actually had so many friends that I needed to have multiple parties. However, the one I'm referring to here is the big one. I had a lot of help organizing it as well. In the first place, I wasn't sure where to host the thing, until the photographer at one of our fan meetups suggested that we used our studio, which was a great choice, because the place was huge, and actually relatively inexpensive compared to all of the other places that were being suggested. So that came in extremely useful. I think the only downside is there wasn't any air conditioning. But we bought some fans to fix that. So it wasn't so bad. My friends helped me with supplying the food and drinks, which were both made from scratch and store bought. So there was a nice balance there of things people contributed, and things they could enjoy as well. Or at least things that were already prepared. It was pretty easy to put everything together once I'd set all of those things up. Or rather, once we'd set all of those things up, all I really had to do was make and send an invite on Facebook, and manage the guest lists. And so it was towards the end of the official COVID crisis period and the response in Russia. And some people were wavering about whether to go or not, or they canceled at the last minute. Regardless, it wasn't a particularly stressful occasion. And I got to say goodbye to almost everyone. And I followed up with the people who missed it later on. It was a good idea, despite the extreme heat of the Moscow summer. And I'm really glad to know that everybody enjoyed it. There were lots of people afterwards sending messages and all of the pictures that they've taken as well. So I've got that, and I don't think it's anything I'll forget anytime soon.

M: Sweet. And would you like to do something like this again?

R: Yes. When I come back.



M: Yes, it was an epic party, dear listener. I was there. Surprise, surprise.

R: You were there.

M: I was there.

R: Unlike my other parties, which you avoided, like the plague.

M: You never invited me. Okay?

R: I actually, I'd invited you to my birthday party the previous year. And you never came to that.

M: Well, I was in Pyatigorsk.

R: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever.

M: How was I supposed to come to Moscow from Pyatigorsk? From another city.

R: Whatever, mate.

M: Yeah. So we do have proof of this party. And we do have photos from this party. And there is a nice picture of a cat that was at that party. You can look at it on our Instagram. "successwithielts" - Instagram. So yeah, it was a great party. And organization was oh my god, wow. Level expert. But it was like boiling hot. Yeah, it was really hot. Okay, so a happy event you organized. It could be a party. But what else can I talk about? If not a party? If I'm not a party person?

R: Well, I don't know. Some people've are planned... Well, weddings are also parties. It could be a conference, for example, or a work meeting.

M: Yes. So you can talk for example, like a happy evening you organized for your family or for your partner, for your husband, for your, I don't know, sister, brother. It could be just something like small, not like a party, but okay, you bought pizza and you switched on Netflix. So you know, something like that. Or if you went to a cafe or to a cinema and this was like a happy event, happy day. But actually event is kind of, yeah, a conference, or a party, or a get together. Year, dear listenerou do is now please make sure that you know what you're going to be talking about. If you don't, make it up. Make up a party that never existed. So you can just imagine a happy birthday party that you organized either for yourself or for somebody else. For Rory for example. Now, so what the event was? You can say, I'm going to tell you about my going away party. Or birthday party, or my wedding, or, yeah. And then which I held in. So I held a party. Can I say like I threw a party or I organized a party?

R: Absolutely. I probably should have said that. I threw a party.

M: And then, like, the main event was a serious of parties because Rory is not happy with just one party. No. He's too cool for that.

R: Well, it's not that. It was just the situation kind of required it. It's actually everybody's fault for being my friend.

M: Oh, yeah. And then Rory said, like, okay, I needed to have multiple parties. So like a series of parties. A sequel.

R: I did. And it was it was totally necessary and grate fun.

M: Oh, boy. Yeah. And then you can say I had a lot of help organizing it. So kind of running it, organizing it. And then in the first place, I... And then we host a party. You know, so we host an event, if you are the host. So you are the one who invites everybody to your party. So you can say I was the host, I was hosting the event. Yep. And then you talk about the venue, the venue is the place where the party was organized, or where this event was organized. Maybe just it was like a meetup or a get together or I don't know. A reading club.

R: Reading club. One of those wild reading clubs that you read in so much.

M: Yes. Oh, once I organized a wild the reading club. Yes, supplies of food and drinks. Rory, tell us what did you say about food and drinks at your lovely goodbye party?

R: Well, people made food and there was also food from the, well, the stores as well. Because if if we just had food that people made then I think that's a bit of a ridiculous request. So if the food that people made was made from scratch, that means they have bought the ingredients and made it themselves. And the food that we got from the store was store bought.

M: Hmm, store bought food. You can also say I ordered food, or I have food made for me by my parents. Yep. And then you say it was pretty easy to put everything together. So you organize this event, it was pretty easy to put everything together. And to set it up. It was easy to set it up. And then you say what you did to actually organize it. Send an invite on Facebook, or you messaged your friends. You managed the guest list. So Rory had a guest list. He had face control. So only those with beautiful shoes could go in.

R: We did not have face control. There were people there. Do you not remember there was a doctor's party opening at the same time and the doctors came up to join us? Oh, there was like at 4am in the morning. Yeah. And they wrote in the goodbye book too.

M: Oh, cute.

R: It was really sweet. People that I've never met and we'll never meet again. But they were lovely.

M: And what did you mean by saying people were wavering about?

R: Yeah, they were thinking about whether or not to come. Because they didn't want to get COVID. And if they didn't, then that's their choice.

M: Also, it was boiling hot. It was like really hot that day.

R: It was one of the hottest days of the year. It was insane how hot it was.

M: Yeah, yeah. And Rory chose the venue without any air conditioning for a reason.

R: There were fans.

M: There were fans. No air conditioning. So it was like, like boiling, you know, boiling and boiling.

R: Good fun, though.

M: Yeah. Could you comment on the organization of the answer? How you made it like, logically structured?

R: Well, it wasn't mechanical. I didn't say the event I'm going to talk about is. No. I had to say, I think the example that comes to mind most easily. And then I explained. And then here it talks about when I had it, and I said, which I held, who helped you organize it. And then I talked, well, I actually didn't use the word organizing, but I said I had a lot of help organizing it. So here, I still use the words, or I used one of them, but I used it with a different grammatical structure. So that's not so bad. And then I kept talking about how I organized it. It was pretty easy to put everything together. So organize things, put them together. And then when I talked about how I felt about it, I said it was a great idea and I'm glad that everybody enjoyed it. And I'll never forget it. So on, like from all of these you can tell that it's a positive experience.

M: Excellent. Thank you, Rory! Yeah, again, it could be a bit challenging for you to choose a happy event if you organized, especially if you have never organized any events in your life. Yeah, but this one is a happy event. So the easiest thing to do is just to make up a party, so just imagine a happy birthday party. And you can just use the vocabulary from Rory's answer. And yeah, be happy about it. Okay? Yeah. So please make sure that you choose something easy that you can talk about. Or just make up. Imagine this non-existent birthday party or a wedding, for example. You organized a wedding. Why not? Yeah. Thank you very much for listening! And we'll continue with speaking part three, where we talk about organizing things.

R: Bye!

M: Bye!


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