Season 5

Walking (S05E08)

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Questions and Answers

Maria: Do you like walking?

Rory: Um, I imagine it depends why I'm walking. If it's well, if I'm on urgent business or running late then no, since I like a faster pace, but, um, if I'm by myself on the way home or surrounded by nice scenery in the forest, like in Domodedovo, for example, then it fits better with the pace of life.

Maria: Do you like to walk more now than in the past?

Rory: I'm not sure in some ways, yes, because Moscow is a big town and you have to walk around a lot to get to all the places more often. But I also take the Metro more. So on balance, it's probably roughly the same amount of walking, but the travel is over a greater distance.

Maria: Do you like to walk on your own or with others?

Rory: Well, if it's with people I like and we aren't in a rush, then of course. But if I've been, I don't know, cornered by someone that I'm not a great fan of and they keep bothering me with questions, then I'm not usually very pleased with the company I'm keeping while I'm walking. Um, it doesn't happen that often though thankfully. So it's not usually a big deal.

Maria: Would you say that your city is a good place for walking?

Rory: Well, if we're referring to Moscow, then absolutely! You have to walk everywhere unless you're rich and then you can just get driven around places. This place is gigantic. Even with the assistance of the metro, there are sometimes 10 to 20 minute walks to where you want to be, at least. Back home in Scotland in Dundee... That's also good for walking actually, though, people would prefer to walk along the beach or in the hills rather than in the city itself. But there are still some nice places to walk in the city, I suppose.

Maria: Do people in your country walk a lot?

Rory: Well, going by the size of some of them, they don't walk often enough. I say that there is something of a trend to go walking these days. Some people I know like hill walking or mountain climbing and they might walk to work or walk around town in short bursts, but they could definitely afford to do it more often, I would say.

Maria: Do you think you'll keep walking as part of your routine in the future?

Rory: Well, as long as I have a pair of legs, I would definitely say so. Perhaps not as a hobby or a sport, but as a means of getting around for sure.

Maria: Do you think walking in the countryside is better than walking in the city?

Rory: No. Everybody likes a breath of fresh air and maybe they have some romantic notions about the countryside or going there for the day. The cities have their advantages to it. We take Moscow. There are different parks and sights to see. I would say they're both equally worthwhile, but for different reasons.


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