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Describe a long walk you have been on

Part 2

This episode's vocabulary

  • Footpath (noun) - a path, especially in the countryside, for walking on.
  • Boulder (noun) - a very large rock.
  • Adventurous (adj.) - willing to try new or difficult things.
  • Embankment (noun) - an artificial slope made of earth and/or stones.
  • Go-to (adj.) - used to describe the best person, thing, or place for a particular purpose or need.
  • Picturesque (adj.) - (especially of a place) attractive in appearance, especially in an old-fashioned way.
  • Accomplishment (noun) - something that is successful, or that is achieved after a lot of work or effort.


Questions and Answers

M: He's gonna say when this happened, where he walked and walked and he walked, who he was with, and he's going to explain how he felt about this long walk. Not work, walk, you know, chop, chop, chop with your feet, walking. All right, bring it on, rock and roll.

R: It's funny, actually, because I really like going on long walks. Most recently, I decided I would stroll, well, to the local shop, and take some money out of the hole in the wall there. So normally, I wouldn't have bothered, but the weather was actually quite nice. And I just got some fantastic news about a new job and a new school that I was going to work out for my university placement. So I decided to celebrate by myself in the sunshine. And I suppose this getting money was like my excuse for doing it. So it's like attaching something productive to the unproductive activity. I walked along the footpath near my home and down onto the beach. It's interesting, because while it's a sandy beach area, for the most part, there are these giant boulders that you can climb on. They're supposed to be there to stop erosion. But if you feel adventurous and don't mind taking a risk, then you can clamor over them for fun. I didn't bother with them on the way there. But it reminded me of my childhood, just looking at them. And there are also some very lightly wooded areas on the embankment next to the sandy area where people can walk their dogs. So it's a nice place if you enjoy looking at dogs or meeting dogs or watching them play with each other, then this is definitely, well, a go-to area. I picked up my money and walked back over a footbridge that crosses the railway which runs along the coast. It's quite picturesque, though that's by design, since it's a public footpath and so it's, well, it's just been made that way to encourage people to get out and go walking. And I walked on by the caravan park, which is quite close to the beach, and then onto the sand as opposed to the footpath I'd taken on the way there. That was when I decided to go on the boulders. It was a little more hazardous than usual because the tide was coming in. And I had all of this money in my shorts, of course, but I thought it would be fun. And it was I felt a great sense of accomplishment when it was all done. In fact, I might do it later again this week.

M: And what about your friends? Have they done it before?

R: When we were children, we used to do it all the time.



M: So our topic, a long walk. Let's first of all decide on long. What does it mean, long? Is like an hour, is it a long walk?

R: Well, it took me an hour, so I'm gonna say yes.

M: Okay, a long work. Well, yeah, an hour. Well, yeah, dear listener, if you want to talk about a walk that took five hours or half a day?

R: Who goes on a walk that takes half a day?

M: I don't know. Maybe it's a hiking trip. It's kind of like a walk into the woods. Once I was in Greece, and we took a walk on an island again in Greece and it took half of the day. I was wearing my flip flops. So we kind of ended up on the other side of the island. That was quite a walk.

R: Okay, I'm learning a lot now. Because that last time you were talking about Bolivia? I know it turns out you've been to Greece as well. Are you a spy?

M: Oh, yes. Yeah, I've traveled by bicycle in Greece. Actually, it was not only Greece. It was Crimea. It was Italy, Greece, Turkey. Yeah, I think so. By bicycle. Yeah. So a long walk. A long, well, ideally, more than an hour. Yeah? Rory, you did say that it took you one hour, right?

R: Oh, I don't know. I think like my story sounds like it took an hour.

M: Oh, really? Okay. All right.

R: I say like the local shop, actually it's like the local giant supermarket. But I call it a shop because it's just people say I'm just going to the shop and what they mean is they're going to this huge store.

M: And here in the task, we have a long walk you've been on. So I've been on a long walk, right? Or I really like going on long walks. Also Rory used the word stroll. So I decided I would stroll along the local shop. So stroll, what's the difference between to walk and to stroll?

R: Well, walking is general. Stroll is casual, it's informal.

M: So you can say I took a stroll, I took a long walk, right? Or maybe you wanted it to be short, but it kind of ended up to be super long for like more than two hours. And you can comment on the weather. So the weather was nice. And I just felt like going on a walk and enjoy the sunshine. And then you can say like, I walked along the footpath. So I walked along the beach or along the shore, on the shore, or I walked what, in the city center.

R: But usually it's not like there's just one place. Usually, there's like a city center and a park and there's grass. And then there's concrete. And you can describe all the different parts that you've been on. Or the parts that you used.

M: So what do I say? I walked along the park and I also walked through the garden. And then I walked through the building.

R: I walked around the building, I walked around the park.

M: Through the building.

R: Yes. No. Well, maybe, if the building's got a hole in it, then you could walk through the hole.

M; Yeah, if you take a walk along the river, this nice area is called embankment. Yeah? So it's the river and if there's some nice area with some paths with some roads, or cycle lanes, special roads for bicycles, like embankment. So the river and then this thing, concrete thing, embankment, so pretty much like a road next to everyone. So I walked along the embankment. And then if there are bridges, you can say like I walked over a bridge, I walked over a few bridges, I crossed the railway or I crossed the road. Yeah, kind of like details, but still you kind of you describe your walk. So... Also it's quite picturesque. Right? So the walk or the view.

R: It is, yeah. And then explaining why it's picturesque. So in my case, like the walk is picturesque because it was designed that way. It needs to be. You don't want to go and walk in a building site for example. Unless you're crazy.

M: Yeah, so it's like. It's picturesque by design. So it's like a special footpath perhaps for walking. And also in the park, if you walk in the park with little footpaths, right? Sometimes they're called like healthy footpaths. Designed for health.

R: Well, the walking there will be healthy. I don't know if the footpath itself is healthy.

M: And then at the end of the walk, Rory felt a sense of achievement, a sense of accomplishment. So he had accomplished a lot of things. He took a walk, he survived. He saw different picturesque places. Hey, well done him.

R: And I might do it again.

M: Yeah, I might do it again. Like maybe I'll do it again next week.

R: I will not do it again. I'm lazy.

M: Yeah, so Rory's story, Rory's story was about like a simple walk. Kind of like a regular walk, you can take everyday. But if you want to describe a special walk, like you went somewhere on holiday, and you took a walk from one part of the island to the other, or you took a walk from one part of the city to the other, or from one city to another country, you know, or a walk in the mountains, kind of short. I don't know, hike, a track.

R: Who doesn't like a good stroll in the mountain where you could die any moment?

M: Die. Get lost. Oh, once I took a walk in the forest and I got lost and then they rescued me two days later. Yeah, hopefully not. I mean, you didn't do that. Not that they didn't rescue you. Anyway, if you want to say...

R: I was gonna say. Anyway...

M: Anyway.... Moving on. If you want to talk about some special walk, more extreme style walk up and down the mountains, feel free to do that. But also your story could be something like that. So why not? Why didn't you talk about your walks in Moscow? Or you just took taxis everywhere?

R: I just took taxis everywhere. Yeah. It was great. We don't have Uber here. Oh, it's so bad.

M: Oh boy, don't you even have taxis? Oh, you have to call them using your phone?

R: God. It's like being in the 19th century.

M: Oh, boy, wow. So strange. Okay, so dear listener, hopefully, you've made up your mind about your long walk. Yeah? Again, be careful with the synonyms and prepositions. So I went on a long walk. So to go on a long walk. I strolled along or I walked along the footpath. Yeah? So this kind of thing, I took a walk around. What did you do to structure your answer?

R: Well, I didn't say I am going to tell you about a walk I have been on. That's like, it's funny, actually, because I like going on walks. So it's like, it's a coincidence. And then, instead of saying, I have been on, I said, most recently, I decided, so that's the way of reflecting back on the past. And then I gave, this is not in the task, but it's useful. I just gave the reason why I went for a walk. And then I explained where and I did it, well, I structured it as if it was my journey. So I started in the footpath, I went down to the beach, there was something that I saw there, these boulders, and then I went along different places, and came back and other way and did something different on the way back. So talking about all these different places. I also mentioned indirectly, who I was with, because I only talked about myself for the whole time I was there. So I just went by myself. And I did say so I decided to celebrate by myself, which is quite useful, if you went on this walk alone. But you could also say I decided to celebrate with blah, blah, blah, and whoever it was. And then when I talked about my where I'd been, I said I picked up my money and walked back. So this is talking about the end of the walk, and then I introduced how I felt. I felt a great sense of accomplishment. That's quite lazy, isn't it? But then I followed up with in fact, I might do it later this week. So might, nice modal structure there.

M: Yeah. Excellent. Super. Thank you Rory for your nice walk! I need a walk now! A long joy sunshine walk. And we'll get back to you in our next episode about outdoor activities. Bye!

R: Bye!

M: Bye!


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