Writing tasks

📊 Plans for future development of an industrial area in Norbiton

Task 1


📊The maps illustrate an industrial area in Norbiton in the present day compared with plans for future development of the site.

Summaries the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words


Intro: The given maps detail how an industrial area in part of a town will change compared to its current state.

P1: One of the most noticeable changes will occur in the status of the current buildings and that of those proposed in the plan. All eight factories in the area will be converted to accommodation or replaced by it. Housing developments will be made on both sides of the river, though some of the previously existing farmland will remain in the east.

P2: All the houses will be accessed easily by roads/road systems. The roundabout in the centre of the map will remain, though a smaller one to the south will be added. The current road system will be expanded with a bridge to the north and another road to the northeast of the original roundabout. Both of these changes will provide access to new housing in addition to newly added shops and a medical centre in the south, with a school and a playground in the east.

Overall Statement: Overall, there will be major changes to the infrastructure to connect previously isolated areas and develop that currently existing for new purposes.