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Patience (S01E07)

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Questions and Answers

Maria: Rory what do you think patience is?

Rory: I think I would define it as “how well you control your emotions in stressful situations.” So if you’re not so stressed out in stressful situations then you have lots of patients. But if you’re very stressed out then you don’t have much.

Maria: Do you have patience?

Rory: I like to think so but it’s still rather limited and probably needs some development.

Maria: Would you say you’re a patient person?

Rory: Normally. But I need a greater reservoir of patients, I suppose.

Maria: Have you ever lost your patience.

Rory: Yes. Sometimes I lose my patients. I don’t really like it, actually. It makes me feel rather nauseous. It’s probably something I need to work on a bit more.

Maria: Why?

Rory: Because people don’t like being around impatient people, do they? It’s not a pleasant experience for you or the people that you’re with.

Maria: When do you need patients the most?

Rory: I think that’s mostly when I’m in situations where I constantly have to repeat myself. Of course if you have to say the same thing over and over again then it can become quite frustrating and then the frustration builds up and you start to lose patients.

Maria: Rory, when do you need patience the most?

Rory: I think I need it the most when I… Wait a second…🤔

Maria: What do you become impatient about?

Rory: Well this will be quite a stereotypical answer from a British person, but one thing that really irritates me that’s not connected to repetition is waiting for a very long time, especially in queues. You know whenever you’re on the Metro and you’re trying to walk up the stairs, but people in front of you are slowing down and you have to wait for them. That can be quite frustrating. And then I become quite impatient.

Maria: What do you do when you get impatient?

Rory: Well, if you’d asked me before I had a greater sense of what makes me impatient and what I can do to stop it, I would have said that I just become sarcastic and I just use sarcasm and irony until people get the point that I’m becoming impatient, and they start to speed up a little bit. But now I first of all resort to sarcasm, usually in my head, and then I try and calm myself down and remember that people don’t deliberately try and make me impatient. So, it’s about reminding myself that that’s the case and then calmly explaining again, for example.


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