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Water (S01E05)

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Questions and Answers

Maria: How often do you drink water?

Rory: I think I drink water as is necessary, really. I think some people have… like to follow these recommendations of drinking six glasses every day. But I just drink it whenever it’s necessary.

Maria: What kind of water do you like to drink?

Rory: Well, when I’m home in the UK, I like to drink tap water because it’s filtered just as part of the water system there. So it’s OK to drink, but when I’m in Moscow, I drink filtered water or… Well, no, actually I just drink filtered water.

Maria: Is water expensive in your country?

Rory: You don’t pay for water specifically. I think it’s included in your taxes, because it just comes straight from the water reservoirs in Scotland.

Maria: Do you drink bottled water or water from water machines?

Rory: Actually, I drink both, but it will depend on where I am… what I’m drinking. So, for example, if I’m out and moving around, then I will drink bottled water because it’s portable, for example. But I don’t buy bottled water regularly. I just usually just buy the bottled water once a month and then I’ll reuse this water bottle just until it wears out, basically. And then if I’m at work and I’m there for a long period of time, then I don’t need my bottle of water. I can just use the water coolers here at work.

Maria: Rory, do you feel you drink enough water?

Rory: I think so. I trust my body to maintain homeostasis just by itself. You know, it should be obvious when you’re thirsty, then you should drink water. You don’t really need to be constantly drinking water.

Mari: How many glasses of water should people drink every day?

Rory: Well, it’s like I said, I think people should just drink as and when they need to. I don’t think there’s like a specific amount for each person. I know there’s lots of advice out there saying six “glasses of water”, “eight glasses of water”… But for me, no, just drink as many glasses of water as you need. That’s my personal philosophy.


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