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Part 2

Describe an energetic person you know

This episode's vocabulary

  • A co-host (noun) -  one of two or more people who host something (such as a television show) together.
  • Boundless (adj.) - having no limit e.g., boundless optimism; She has boundless energy and enthusiasm.
  • Dull (adj.) - not interesting or exciting in any way e.g., he wrote dull articles for the local newspaper; she's pleasant enough, but deadly dull.
  • To pick up the slack (idiom) - to improve a situation by doing something that someone else has not done or not completed; to do the work that someone else has stopped doing but still needs to be done.
  • To catch someone off guard (idiom) - to surprise someone, esp. in a way that makes the person feel confused or uncertain.
  • Be taken aback (phrasal verb) -to be very shocked or surprised.
  • Fiber (noun) - the quality of a person’s character, esp. its moral strength: He lacked the moral fiber to be president.
  • Facial (adj.) - of or on the face: facial hair
  • Contagious (adj.) - a contagious disease can be caught by touching someone who has the disease or a piece of infected clothing: The infection is highly contagious. Can be used in a positive way: her laugher is contagious (=when she starts laughing everyone laughs too).
  • Working relationship (a noun phrase) - a relationship with a colleague, boss or employee.
  • Feel privileged (collocation) - feel that you have an advantage that only one person or group of people has, usually because of their position or because they are rich.

Questions and Answers

Maria: Describe an energetic person you know. Talk about who this person is, how you know this person, why you considers this person energetic and how you feel about this person.

Rory: So I'm going to talk about you, Maria. You're my co-host on the podcast, and without your boundless optimism and enthusiasm, this would be a much duller place to work. So, it's important to know that we didn't actually meet through the podcast originally, did we? We met when we were working as assistant directors of studies at BKC International House, which is Moscow's worst language school. You ran the IELTS department, I think. And I picked up the slack of others for a living and dressed terribly, which was something that you commented on in a rather manic way that caught me off guard initially, but had positive results in the long run. So most people might be slightly taken aback by this. But the delivery was so good that I decided that I would take some of your advice into account. And I wore a kilt one day and you were very happy with that, so you pushed me in a positive direction with the energy of the comment.

I think it should be obvious why I think you're energetic. You convey this through sort of almost every fiber of your being, from the clothes that you wear, which are always very fashionable and have bright colours, to the bright blonde hair that you have, to your facial expressions, which are always very expressive and just the general manner that you have about you. It's actually quite contagious as well, since it often picks me up when I'm not feeling in the mood to do any work, which is quite a common thing sometimes.

If I didn't know it, I doubt this podcast would be as successful as it is now, since we were able to play off each other with sort of my conservatism and your more "Russian" way of doing things amongst other, more personal and private aspects to our working relationship. So I would definitely say that knowing you has definitely improved my life and I feel privileged to spend any time with you at all.


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