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Describe a toy you got in your childhood

Part 2

This episode's vocabulary

  • Sole (noun) - the bottom part of the foot that touches the ground when you stand or walk, or the bottom part of a shoe that touches the ground, usually not including the heel.
  • Palm (noun) - the inside part of your hand from your wrist to the base of your fingers.
  • Paw (noun) - the foot of an animal that has claws or nails, such as a cat, dog, or bear.
  • Bow tie (noun) - a special type of tie (= a strip of cloth put around a collar) in the shape of a bow, worn especially by men on formal occasions.
  • To embroider (verb) - to decorate cloth or clothing with patterns or pictures consisting of stitches that are sewn directly onto the material.
  • Movable (adj.) able to be moved.
  • To manipulate (verb) - to control something using the hands.
  • Stuffed animal (noun) - a toy animal made from cloth and filled with a soft material so that it is pleasant to hold.
  • Rough-and-tumble (adj.) - very competitive and failing to pay attention to rules.


Questions and Answers

M: Rory now is going to describe a toy he got in his childhood. He is going to say when he had this toy, who gave this toy to him, what it was like and how he felt about the toy. Rory, are you ready?

R: Yes.

M: Okay, off you go! Off you pop!

R: Well, I have a teddy bear that was given to me when I was much younger by my parents. Though, at the time I was told it was a gift from the tooth fairy after one of my milk teeth fell out. I still have him actually, he sits on top of my wardrobe with other keepsakes that I've built up from over the years. Come to think of it, I have quite the collection of bears know that, now I'm thinking about it in greater depth. Anyway, I remember waking up one day, decades ago, and there was this bear in my bed. I suppose at the time, I was so small that by comparison that seemed much bigger, perhaps a third the size of me. These days, it's a lot smaller. Of course, because I've grown up. It's just a sort of standard teddy bear for the most part. It's got light brown fur, white soles and palm areas where the paws would be on a regular bear. The only things that make it stand out are, well, first of all, it's got a big red velvet bow tie and it has the name embroidered on one of the, well, one of the soles of the feet. It's the left one I think. Other than that it's got glass eyes, which I think are quite common and the ears are sewn on. And so is the tail. The legs are movable, though they haven't been manipulated into a position other than sitting for quite some time now because he's just resting on the top of my wardrobe. I remember being very surprised at the time, though, back then we used to get money from the tooth fairy. So of course that makes sense. He has grown on me though, and I wouldn't be without him, even if it's just sitting on top of my wardrobe with all the other stuffed animals. If anything, it's nice, they can all keep each other company. I'm rather surprised they've all lasted so long to be honest, given my rather rough-and-tumble childhood. But there you go. If they last nearly 30 years, I'll be very impressed. And I'll still be happy to see them.

M: So do you still have this toy?

R: Yeah, he sits on top of my wardrobe.

M: Thank you, Rory! That was lovely!



M: Oh, a teddy bear... Yeah, I think this is the safest choice, to be honest with you.

R: I have so many teddy bears.

M: Aw... Yeah. So describe a toy you got in your childhood. Yeah, I think it's pretty easy to talk about a teddy bear. If it's a shark or if it's not a bear, is it still teddy? Like a teddy shark or a teddy dolphin?

R: It's a stuffed animal. It would be a stuffed shark.

M: Yes. Stuffed animal. Stuffed. Stuffed? Really?

R: Yeah, they're stuffed.

M: Okay, so if it's a bear, it's a teddy bear. But if it's not a bear? If it's some other animal it's going to be like a stuffed shark or a stuffed hair. Or, Gosh, what other animals are typical? Tiger. Okay, so a stuffed tiger. We can't say a teddy tiger?

R: No.

M: Huh, okay, so only a teddy bear. All right. Interesting. So yeah, dear listener, we had an episode about toys, which was back in 2020. Two years ago. So on the third of April 2020 speaking part one episode about toys. So you might want to listen to this. We talk about different kinds of toys. So you can listen to this. Choose what you want to talk about. And also pick up some nice adjectives to describe the toy that you want to talk about. So here you can just talk about anything, like a robot or lego. But again, make sure that you know the words to describe this toy. If no, I would recommend talking about a teddy bear. Okay? Even if you didn't have a teddy bear, you can imagine...

M: Yeah, just lion copy what Rory told us today about his teddy bear. Okay, so you said that I've had a teddy bear that was given to me. Actually don't even need the past here? I got a teddy bear or I had?

R: Oh, I was gonna say I think I said I have a teddy bear.

M: I have a teddy bear. Okay, yeah. Because if you still have it, you can say, okay, I have. But if you don't have it, and it was in the past and then kind of you broke your teddy bear, a dog ate it or somebody, something else happened to it. So then you say I used to have a teddy bear or I had a teddy bear. So careful with the tense. Yeah? So which tense you use here. And you said like when I was much younger, I was given. It was given to me by my parents when I was much younger. And then it was a gift from my tooth fairy? Who is a tooth fairy?

R: Oh, from the tooth fairy.

M: From the tooth fairy. Yeah. Who is this tooth fairy?

R: The tooth fairy is just like a fictional character that when your teeth fall out, she comes and takes them away and leaves some money in exchange for them.

M: Oh, cute. And then you said that the teddy bear sits on the top of my wardrobe. So he sits. So it's kind of it is on the top of my wardrobe. But that's like a nice way of saying it. It sits. But you said he. So can you say he about a teddy bear?

R: Yeah, if it was your childhood friend, then you just talk about it like it's a real person.

M: And then you said like it sits on the top of my wardrobe with other keepsakes. So what are the keepsakes?

R: The keepsakes are just things that you collect, and you keep them because they remind you of times in the past. So for example, I have a lizard, other bears. I can't remember what else there is off the top of my head. But there's lots of stuff. And it's all got a story behind it.

M: Oh, sweet. And you can say I have a collection of bears or have a collection of cars or robots. So whatever you have. Oh, that's nice. Then the question is, you should say what it was like. So if the question is like this, like, what was it like? You should describe the object. So it's not just like, I like it, because, but no, say what the toy was like, means describe the toy. And Rory described it. So he described the size of the bear. It was so small but the teddy bear seemed much bigger, perhaps a third the size of me. Yeah, you said? And these days, it's a lot smaller because Rory got bigger. So the teddy bear got smaller. And then you say it's a standard teddy bear. Yeah, so and then you describe the color for the most parts with light brown fur. So the teddy bear has fur. Your stuffed dolphin can also have fur. And then a teddy bear has paws. Paws, you know, little hands. Well, we have hands, the bear has paws. And you can say like it's a standard teddy bear. It's like a regular bear with paws and ears and fur. And then you said like the only other thing that stands out. So like if something stands out, it's kind of visible, right? So you look at the bear and you like you see it, like oh, wow, yeah, I see this. So the only other thing that makes it stand out, or actually you spoke about the things. The only other things that make it stand out are the big velvet bow tie. So what's a bow tie?

R: Yes, a bow tie, it's like a short tie that you wear around your neck. However, the important thing is, I commented on what the thing was in addition to the material and the color, which is something that people should remember when they're describing something, talking about materials and colors.

M: And then you said that the name embroidered. So the name is, or was embroidered on one of the feet soles. So if something is embroidered, what does it mean?

R: Oh god, it's like, it's like sewing. So there's a material that's used. And it makes a pattern. Here it's the, it's the name of the bear. So instead of using ink, they use material.

M: If you have something written on the bear or on your toy, you can say that it's embroidered on and then you mention the part of the body where it is embroidered. That's a nice one. And then you talk about eyes and ears and the tail. There is a tail. So a regular bear has a tail. The legs are movable. So if you can move certain body parts of the bear so you can say the legs are movable. What about the arms? Are the arms movable?

R: Yes, but not as movable as the legs. Because the legs are, they have joints, but the arms don't.

M: Yeah, so you can say the legs are movable. And the bear can be manipulated into a sitting position. So you can kind of like, make him sit. Yeah? And Rory still has this bear. And he said that, oh, I'm surprised that this bear together with my other stuffed animals have all lasted so long. Right? So the bear has lasted for a long time. How old were you when it was given to you?

R: That is a very good question. I have absolutely no idea. If I were to guess I think I was about 6. 5-6.

M: You see he's using the strategy, if I were to guess I'd... Yeah. And then like, I'm surprised that the bear has lasted so long. Given my rather rough and tumble childhood. So tumble childhood?

R: Oh, rough and tumble just means, well, there's lots of free play, I suppose. So unsupervised. Lots of bumps.

M: So you were allowed to run around the wild to go wild and crazy.

R: Not as much as I should have been. But yes.

M: Oh, okay. How did you organize this answer to make it a coherent whole for the examiner to follow your fast speech easily?

R: Well, again, I followed the plan that was presented in the task. So I said when I had the toy, well, actually, I still have it. So I just talked about that. And then who gave me the toy. It was given to me by my parents. What it was like? So I described the material and the kind of clothes that it has, I suppose. And what it looks like more generally. And then, when I talked about feelings, I talked about being surprised and impressed, or I would be impressed. So it follows in the order that's presented. But you will notice that basically, when we talk about the time and who and that's all in one place. That's at the very start. And that gives me a bit more time to talk about what it was like or what it is like because it's... Well, you can spend lots of time talking about that sort of thing. In the same way you can talk about your feelings about the subject as well.

M: Yeah. Cool. Cool. Yeah. So it depends on whether you still have the toy. So then you can use past and present. If you don't have the toy only past. Okay? So past, past continuous. And please have a listen to our speaking part one episode about toys, which we recorded in 2020 in April. Thank you very much for listening, and we'll come back to you in our next episode about toys. Bye! Bye-bye-bye-bye!

R: Bye!


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