Season 4

Change (S04E17)

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Questions and Answers

Maria: Rory, do you like changes?

Rory: I suppose it depends on what kind, actually. If it's a positive change, like, if your work at the gym is working well, then it's great. If it's a change for the worse, then it's not great, like, a change in working conditions to be at home, or, for example, which some of us are having to do now. I don't like that. I'd rather be in the classroom.

Maria: Do you often change?

Rory: Um, not too often. I have a pretty regular routine going on that I quite like, so I don't think I'd change it that much. Although, I should say it's designed to enable positive change through self improvement. So you could argue that I'm changing all the time, I suppose.

Maria: What do you change?

Rory: Um, well, I don't usually change it, but my workout routine at the gym gets changed by my personal trainer and I have the chance to change my lesson plans to suit the classes I teach, which is good for them and good for me. It keeps me on my toes.

Maria: What would you not like to change?

Rory: I don't like last minute changes, I suppose that's because I have a fixed idea of how things should be and then my expectations are set. But if we speak about more specific things, then I don't usually like changing my outfits, to be honest. Especially at work. I get quite comfortable with them.

Maria: Have you changed a lot since your childhood?

Rory: Oh, definitely. I used to be fat and eat junk food and I didn't study properly at all. So all of those things have changed for the better now, I think.

Maria: What was the last change you made?

Rory: Well, I say I changed it, but really my personal trainer changed it. I changed my routine at the gym. And by that I mean I hired a personal trainer to help make it more effective. So instead of just doing the same three sets of exercises all the time, now we do lots of different exercises and that seems to be working quite well.

Maria: What has been the greatest change in your life so far?

Rory: Probably moving to Russia, to be honest with you, I think it changed everything. I gained access to more opportunities for professional development, and I gained new clients, and I got to do a variety of jobs which expanded my competency. So that's been great. It was very worthwhile to move out of my comfort zone and move here.

Maria: Have there been any changes in your hometown recently?

Rory: I suppose it depends on how you define "recently". I think there are a lot of ongoing changes down at the waterfront area. For example, they're reworking and renovating a lot of the buildings there. And that's been going on for quite a while now. I can't think of anything that's happened this year just because of the crisis. But last year, I'm sure they opened a lot of new stores, for example. Whether that's still the case now, I'm not so sure.

Maria: What do you plan to change next year?

Rory: Well, actually, it's funny. We talked about changes to my career path because I'm going to change my career again next year. I'll go back to university and become qualified as a primary school teacher. And I'm planning to go all in on this podcast so we can open up a range of services online, amongst other things as well, and I'll move back home. So next year is going to be a year of major changes.


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