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Part 2

Describe a cafe you like to visit

This episode's vocabulary

  • Periphery (noun) - the outer edge of an area.
  • By the by (idiom) - on a side note; by the way.
  • Establishment (noun) - a business or other organization, or the place where an organization operates.
  • To infuse (verb) - to fill someone or something with an emotion or quality.
  • Limiting (adj.) - preventing you from having much choice.
  • To serve (verb) - to provide food or drinks.
  • Treat (noun) - a special and enjoyable occasion or experience.
  • Outdoors (noun) - outside.
  • Enterprise (noun) - an organization, especially a business, or a difficult and important plan, especially one that will earn money.
  • Dreary (adj.) - boring and making you feel unhappy.


Questions and Answers

M: Now Rory is gonna describe a cafe he likes to visit. He's gonna say where it is, what kinds of food and drinks it serves, what he does there, and he's gonna explain why he likes to go there. Rory, Rory, Roro, Rorochka, are you ready?

R: Yes.

M: Okay, bring it on to us. Cafe.

R: Well, I would like to talk about a very special cafe in Domodedovo, which is a small town on the periphery of Moscow. Lots of people think it's just an airport. But actually, it's a city. It's about equivalent in size to my hometown. But that is by the by. The cafe itself is called Yucatan. And the whole establishment is based around chocolate and cocoa beans from Central America and the culture that exists around there. As you might imagine, most of the coffee is infused with some form of chocolate, which you would think would be rather limiting in terms of the range of products, but they actually have quite a variety of them. And they offer straight-up hot chocolate to waffles, to literal chips of raw or very dark chocolate. Admittedly, I'm more interested in what kinds of food and drinks it serves, or at least the kinds that have a little sugar in them, because it tastes nicer. And I almost never have sugar, so it's like a nice treat for me. But there are sugar-free options as well. Regardless of what you decide to eat or drink, there are lots of choices in terms of things to do. You can sit inside, drink coffee, see the process of different products being made. And you can chat to the staff if you want. They're very friendly. And they're quite happy to explain the whole process because well, it's their passion, I suppose. And they want to encourage people to get involved and become interested in this so they come back. If you're less focused on the novelty of the place, and the weather's nice, you can also sit outdoors in the garden and enjoy your coffee in the sunshine. I really like going in there with my friends since it's something that we can all do together, and it's usually where we make plans and relax before we go on long walks and hikes to the nearby forest. It's a great place and a wonderfully colorful enterprise in an otherwise dreary part of town. I have no idea what they would do without it there, but I'm glad that it's there.

M: When will you go there next do you think?

R: Well, the next time I'm in Russia, so probably next year or next summer.

M: Yay, Rory in Russia. Oh my god, we're going to have a welcome party. Parties, Many Welcome parties. Welcome back parties.



M: So, dear listener, the card says "describe a cafe you like to visit", which means that you do need some adjectives to describe the cafe. All right. So describe a cafe or a restaurant. But this card is specifically about the cafe. So, Rory, you said that it's a very special cafe.

R: It is a very special cafe. It's like the only coffee I've seen that's even remotely like that.

M: Aw, nice. And then you say where it is, which is in a small town which is close to my home, which is in the center of, in the middle of nowhere. Right, so you should say where it is. And then the place is called bla, right, or the cafe is called bla. And the whole establishment, so establishment, you mean the cafe? That's a synonym for a cafe?

R: Yeah. Well, an establishment can just be a business.

M: Can you say it's a venue? It's a nice venue. This cafe is a nice venue.

R: If you're running out of words, you could say a venue, but a venue is really a place that you rent out or a place where particular, specific events happen.

M: Hmm. What about an outlet? Can I say an outlet?

R: That would be more for selling products that you can take away with you, which admittedly you could take away the coffee I suppose. But that's more for like a chain of stores whereas Yucatan is just its own business, I think. There's only one of them.

M: So a cafe or it's a nice place. Not many synonyms for a cafe, yeah? And then you said like most of the coffee is infused with some form of chocolate. Infused with.

R: Well, I think infused with is to do more with the taste or the smell, but I just wanted to say like a really fancy word for it's a part of it.

M: Nice. So they serve different coffee which is infused with some form of chocolate, or vanilla, or caramel. Yeah, dear listener, you do need to name certain dishes or products that are served in this cafe. You've mentioned that they have a lot of variety in the products. In the products they offer. So they offer different products. From hot chocolate to waffles. Waffle, like Belgium waffles. You know these square thingies. Yum yum yum. And which waffles did you take there? Sweet waffles?

R: Oh actually, we had the choice of choices sweet waffles, but actually I had to savory one. They have tuna there, which was quite nice. It sounds weird but it tastes very nice.

M: Tuna with waffles? Or waffle tuna? Oh, nice. Oh yeah, once I had waffles with roast beef, like with meat, oh my gosh, that was delicious.

R: See, it's possible.

M: Mmm. Yes, savory waffles, like sweet waffles or savory waffles. Yum, yum, I'm hungry now. Give me a waffle, I need a waffle in my life now.

R: We've spoken about specific vocabulary for talking about a cafe. But we should also comment on the structure as well. So we started with "I would like to talk about" and then describing what it is and where it is. And then saying "the place is called". Um, I'm more interested in what kinds of drinks served there, regardless of what you decide to eat or drink, which is like linked to the next one.

M: Yeah, and passive voice, dear listener, make sure that you use passive voice. So different drinks are served there, or waffles are served there. Something is or are served.

R: And then you could, well, if we're talking about why I like to go there I was like, I really love going there, as opposed to I like to go there because which is just reading the prompt. And then a good way to round off "I have no idea what they would do without it".

M: I really enjoyed the way how he said, regardless of what you decide to eat or drink, there are lots of choices in terms of things to do. Because the card says like what you do there, what you do in a cafe, right? So okay, what do you do in a cafe? Okay, you can drink things, you can eat things, but you can also sit outside, see the process of the different products being made. Wow, that's a nice one. So you can see the process of different dishes being made. They are made now by somebody. So see the process of things being made. Chat to the staff, there are lots of things that you can do in a cafe, Rory.

R: You can, but what if you don't like cafes?

M: Really? Oh yeah, there are people who don't like cafes. True, dear listener, so if you are a person who hates cafes, well, you might talk about your friends and what cafe your friends like, right. Sorry, but for a higher score, you do need to talk about the cafe. Yep.

R: You can start off by saying, well, I don't really like cafes, but there is this one place and then talk about a place that you know. Starbucks would be a good one.

M: Oh, okay. Yeah. Now we're promoting Starbucks. Okay, Starbucks, give us money. So McDonald's is already our sponsor. Fuel. So we take fuel from McDonald's. We take coffee from Starbucks. Perfect. Yeah. Again, if you don't like cafes, just remember a cafe that you've been to, just one cafe and say that okay, you like to visit this cafe. Just lie. It's okay to lie in the exam. Oh, then you can read a book in a cafe. Sit outdoors in the garden, enjoy your coffee and soak up the atmosphere.

R: Yes, that's a good expression.

M: Yeah, do you enjoy reading in a cafe, Rory?

R: No, I usually enjoy speaking to people.

M: Hmm. So you go to cafes to chat?

R: Yes.

M: You're a chatterbox?

R: In a cafe - yes.

M: Are there many cafes next to where you live now?

R: Oh, there's loads. They're everywhere. There's probably more cafes than actual shops.

M: Are they cozy and nice?

R: Most of them are, yes, some of them are a bit barren, but then I just don't go in there.

M: And then, dear listener, you need some adjectives to describe the cafe. For example, Rory said it's special. Wonderfully colorful. Oh, enterprises, you said it's a wonderfully colorful enterprise.

R: Yes. Well, that's just another way of saying business.

M: Enterprise. Oh yeah. I like the way you use synonyms. So you've mentioned establishment, which is like the whole business and also then enterprise, not to repeat the word establishment. But also guys, you can use other synonyms. No, or different words like fashionable, open-air cafe, or noisy, bright.

R: I was gonna say bright, yeah.

M: Luxury, inexpensive or cheap, comfortable. Nice looking. Local, a local cafe. There we go.

R: But that's enough about this particular cafe. You can join us in part three for when we're going to talk about cafes in general, well, and coffee in general. Aren't we?

M: Thank you very much for listening! And we'll see you in the next episode!

R: Bye!

M: Bye-bye!


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