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Part 2

Describe a person who loves to do social work

This episode's vocabulary

  • Administrative (adj.) - relating to the arrangements and work that is needed to control the operation of a plan or organization.
  • Get a kick out of (sth) (idiom) - if you get a kick out of something, you enjoy it very much.
  • To keep track (phrase) - to make certain that you know what is happening or has happened to someone or something.
  • Push on (phrasal verb) - to continue doing something, especially when this is difficult.
  • Worthwhile (adj.) - useful, important, or good enough to be a suitable reward for the money or time spent or the effort made.
  • Get into (phrasal verb) - to become interested in an activity or subject, or start being involved in an activity.
  • Fulfilling (adj.) - making you feel happy and satisfied.
  • To promote (verb) - to advance someone to a more important rank or position.
  • Department (noun) - a part of an organization such as a school, business, or government that deals with a particular area of study or work.
  • Social care (noun) - care by public organizations and private companies for people in society who need special help in order to live comfortably, for example help with washing or eating.


Questions and Answers

M: Rory is going to describe a person who loves to do social work. He's going to say who the person is, what the person does, why the person loves to do social work. And he's going to explain how he felt about him or her. Rory, could just start speaking now, please.

R: Well, I can't help but wonder how anyone who doesn't know a social worker is supposed to answer this question. But in this case, we seem to have gotten lucky because as it happens, my sister is a social worker. Her name is Corrine. And I think she works on the administrative side of things more now, since she's a manager and has been for several years now. In my family, just about everyone loves their work. And I think she's no exception to this rule. As well as the opportunity to give back to society, we also have this thing about us, maybe it's genetic, where we all get a kick out of working quite hard. And social work is extremely hard work, there's so much to keep track of, and lots to stay on top of as well. I'm not sure why my feelings about her work are important, since that's her choice. And it's important to respect the choices that people make. But if I'm pushed on it, I would say the same thing I'd say about anyone in my family. I'm quite proud of the work she does. It's worthwhile, and helps other people out of the messes they get into. Which I think would be quite fulfilling, and certainly one of the better ways to spend once time. If she didn't do it, I think people would be worse off than before, since she's obviously quite good at what she does. And well, if she wasn't, then she wouldn't have been promoted to be a manager. And that alone should be justification enough. I can't really imagine her doing anything else, quite frankly. Specifically, she manages a team of social workers. Well, actually, I think it's the whole department, to be honest with you. And so, that's something else that she has to, well, work with. Not just people who need social work and social care, but actual social workers, delivering not herself. So I can only imagine that that's quite challenging.

M: Is anybody from your friends does any social work?

R: Ah, not that I know of. Oh, no. I do know. I know someone who's studying Social Work at university right now. So yes, one of them.

M: Rory, thank you for your answer!



M: Yes, dear listener, this is quite tricky. Describe a person who loves to do social work. First of all, what is social work? How do you understand social work?

R: Well, that's a good question. Because that could be anything depending on the country you're in. But for me, social workers are people who are hired by the government to help address various social issues that come about as a result of government service.

M: Hmm. Okay. Also, social work could be something for free. Yeah? For example, I go and work for a hospital, I help, I don't know, sick children, or I go and work in a church. Sounds like a work, but I don't get any money out of it. But I just help the local church or child and women protection service, or should I get paid to do the social work?

R: Oh, well, people should always be paid for the work they do.

M: Yeah, true. But if I talk about social work, could it be just a volunteer work?

R: No. For me, social work is like a specific field that you work in. It's not something that you volunteer to do. That's why I was surprised at this question because from my understanding of social work, you would need to be a someone who is specifically trained to deliver that in order to be able to answer a question about this. Or you need to know someone like that.

M: Because it's interesting, like, who loves to do social work. So it's not just like you do social work as a job. No, can we talk about a person who is a volunteer and who helps, for example the poor? Or who helps poor kids in a hospital? Can we talk about this person?

R: That's charity work. That's like the third sector.

M: So we need to talk about a person who works for the government or who works with people in the government, right, for example? Oh, wow. Okay. Yeah, dear listener, I know, I know. This is a tricky one. So Rory talked about his sister Corrine. And you said, I can't help but wonder how anyone who doesn't know.

R: Yeah, it's like I can't believe I'm being asked this question. Because it's a hard one.

M: Yeah, if the question is a difficult you can accept and you can say that it's difficult and you can tell the examiner like look, this is a horrible question, right?

R: Oh, I should point out, that's a good way of buying time just criticize the question until you can organize the ideas in your head.

M: So my sister is a social worker. And then you describe what she does. She works on the administrative side of things. So she's a manager.

R: Yeah, she's a manager, she supervises the work of other people. So that's administration more than actual social work, but you still need an administrator for all of these things.

M: But she's managing the people and the people do what? Do they... What do they do?

R: They work with... Well, various people needing housing, for example.

M: And you said that the opportunity to give back to society, because it's like social work, so we can give back to society, we can help society by doing social work.

R: Well, I hope we can. So giving back to society, it's just like repaying the debt that society owes you.

M: And then gets a kick out of it gets a kick out of working hard.

R: Yeah. So if you get a kick out of something, that means you enjoy it.

M: And then you mentioned that I'm quite proud of the work she does. It's worthwhile. It's worthwhile. That's nice word here about social work.

R: Yes. So if something's worthwhile, it means it's a good idea to spend your time doing it.

M: And then so she helps other people out of the messes they get into.

R: So you get into a mess.

M: And it's also quite fulfilling. So it's worthwhile and fulfilling.

R: Yeah. So it means it's good to spend your time doing it. And then if we talk about the fulfilling part. It just means that it's very, well, leaves you feeling satisfied at the end.

M: Okay. You can also talk about people who work for nonprofit organizations. Also, for example, Greenpeace, I think? it's kind of a kind of social work. Also like schools, churches, hospitals, community agencies. Oh, gosh, yeah, that's a really tricky one. Also, like a social welfare.

R: Well, in our case, it's all run by the government. So it's all under the one thing. That's why I'm thinking this might be very difficult to talk about.

M: True. But you can, for example, imagine a person. Oh, my friend, Boris, Boris works for Greenpeace. Is Greenpeace... Can it be considered social work?

R: No, Greenpeace is like a Greenpeace is a charity.

M: Oh, wow. How about a school?

R: A school is education. We have a department of education and then we have various departments for social work.

M: Oh my gosh, okay. Social work is a practice-based profession and academic discipline founded on theories of social work, social science and humanities. Social work practice responds to the needs of individuals, families and groups. So anybody who is working with people, and helps people and society could be involved in social work. Yep. Dear listener, you might want to spend some time with this one. And imagining this person if you don't know this person. Unfortunately, this card is there in speaking part two. Yeah. I would imagine a person. So if you don't know anybody, Rory is super lucky to have his sister. So if you don't have a sister, who's a social worker, please imagine this person and, yeah, use this adjectives like worthwhile, fulfilling, help society, give back to society. Right? And describe the job.

R: Looks like we've done our social work! You should join us in part three, when we're going to talk about oh, even more social work, right?

M: Yes, and social workers in general! We'll see you there!

R: Bye!

M: Bye!


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