Season 4

Picnics (S04E07)

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This episode’s vocabulary

  • Outdoorsy (adj.) — fond of outdoor activities.
  • Countryside (noun) — land not in towns, cities, or industrial areas, that is either used for farming or left in its natural condition.
  • Mosquito/bugs spray (noun) — a chemical substance, such as a spray or lotion, applied to the body to prevent mosquitoes biting.
  • Novelty (noun) — the quality of being new and unusual.
  • Romance (noun) — the feeling of excitement or mystery that you have from a particular experience or event.
  • Picnic spot/site (noun) — an attractive place for picnics.
  • Ad hoc (adj) —made or happening only for a particular purpose or need, not planned before it happens.
  • In the open (phrase) — If you do something in the open, you do it out of doors rather than in a house or other building.

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Questions and Answers

Maria: Rory, do you enjoy picnics?

Rory: I think I enjoy the thought of them more than actually going on them. I'm not very outdoorsy.

Maria: How often do you go on a picnic?

Rory: Um, I think hardly ever these days. I live in the city, so it's hard to find the time to get out of your busy schedule to do everything required to get ready for the picnic, to go on the picnic and then to tidy up after the picnic.

Maria: Where would you go on a picnic?

Rory: Um, I suppose if I could, I think I'd have one in the countryside with a lot of mosquito spray.

Maria: Who would you go with?

Rory: I think I'd definitely go with my friends. I think it's probably a bit much to ask my family to do something like that these days. And it's more original than going to the pub, and it's less stressful these days with social distancing and everything going on, so you can be outdoors and there's not so much pressure.

Maria: Why do people go on picnics?

Rory: Well, sort of like I said, when I think about it critically, I have no idea. There are bugs everywhere. People can have allergies to things. To be honest, I think it's more the novelty or the romance of it that sometimes people want to be around nature. Although, sometimes you can have too much nature.

Maria: What do people do while they are on the picnic?

Rory: Well, I guess they pack a few sandwiches and drinks and a blanket and go somewhere and then throw the blanket on the ground and enjoy the food they've prepared. Um, there are a few official picnic spots, but I guess it can be kind of ad hoc thing as well.

Maria: When was the last time you went on a picnic?

Rory: I honestly don't remember exactly. It's when I was younger. Like, a lot younger. If I had to guess, probably when I was 21? I think we went to this ruined castle near my house and ate some sandwiches there. And I think it was, like, in the middle of autumn as well. So it was kind of cold.

Maria: Do many people enjoy picnics in your country.

Rory: I have no idea! My guess would be that it's more common in the summer. But as to the numbers, I could not say. Um, I don't really... I haven't seen many people doing it.

Maria: When people in your country go on a picnic?

Rory: Oh, well, countryside's the seaside... the roadside... No, I'm just joking. Um, it's it's got to be somewhere in the open with lots of fresh air.

Maria: Will you go on picnics more often in the future?

Rory: If I can find someone to go on one with, then maybe. It might be a cool idea for a date, actually.


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