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Part 2

Describe a piece of equipment that is important in your home

This episode's vocabulary

  • Barring (preposition) - except if a particular thing happens.
  • Come in handy - to be useful.
  • Cumbersome (adj.) - awkward because of being large, heavy, or not effective.
  • Profoundly (adverb) - deeply or extremely.
  • Self-repair (verb) - correct faults without needing outside help.
  • Up and running - if something, especially a system or a machine, is up and running it is operating.
  • Hacked off (adj.) - unhappy, tired, or annoyed, especially because of the situation you are in.
  • To lug (verb) - to carry or pull something with effort or difficulty because it is heavy.
  • Grind someone's gears (idiom) - to make someone mad, or to piss someone off.


Questions and Answers

M: Rory, are you all super ready to give us the story?

R: Yes.

M: Okay, bring it on baby, bring it on.

R: Well, I definitely couldn't get by without my laptop. I think it's the only electronic device I use every single day without fail. Maybe barring my phone, but my phone comes with me everywhere. I usually just treat my laptop like a desktop computer, to be honest with you. It's just me who uses it. But it comes in handy for just about everything from organizing my photo albums, to writing my posts, and creating media for social media in general. And it also just serves as a platform for all of my social media and events and video conferences with my family and friends. I had a near miss recently, which taught me the value of just how crucial it is to have it in good working order when the keyboard died on me. And it was impossible to type without this sort of cumbersome USB plugin. I've used USB products in the past, but it's usually been to add something. Here it was more serving the purpose of a replacement. That made everything about a million times less efficient. And I wasn't best pleased to be honest with you. I thought it would be like that forever until I got home and miraculously began to work again. I'm not sure if it was the cold or something else. But I was profoundly grateful when it just seemed to sort of self-repair and got itself back up and running again. If I had to keep carrying on like that with the plugin, I would probably have been really hacked off. And indeed, I might have to buy another one to be honest with you. It's not really pleasant when you have to, like lug a keyboard around separately to a laptop that already has a keyboard, it just doesn't work well. So that kind of frustration just really grinds my gears to be honest with you. But yes, so I'm back to like I said, my normal level of usage with it. And I'm really pleased if that's the case.

M: What would you do if it broke down?

R: Um, I'd take it to a repair shop or one of our friends is a technician so he could maybe have a look.

M: Thank you, Rory, for your answer!

R: No problem.



M: So, you talked about a laptop. Okay. What about some other pieces of equipment, which could be important in our home? So here we are speaking about our home, so equipment in our home. What else can our listener talk about?

R: We just recorded an episode about home appliances, actually, which is very interesting. It's a real coincidence this time. As opposed to all of the other totally real coincidences that we've been having. So you could talk about your television, or you could talk about your refrigerator, your oven. Anything that you have in your home, really, that runs on electricity and can help you.

M: Yeah, so for example, a kettle or if you have a toaster, if you have a microwave, right? TV, washing machine, what else, dishwasher. Right. So to wash the dishes, so anything like this, but make sure that you choose a piece of equipment that you can talk about, which is like easy for you to talk about. Alright? So we call this equipment electronic, or electric, or electrical, so electronic equipment or electrical equipment, any word?

R: Yeah, pretty much. I don't see any problems with any of the ones you suggested. They just have to be in the right context. Speaking of context, right, we need to talk about the general phrases I used, which were helpful first, and then the specific ones that I use to describe my thing in greater detail. So, I said I definitely couldn't get by without my laptop, which just means it's very important to me, but instead of saying a very important thing is my laptop. No. I couldn't get by without and then whatever.

M: Yeah, I couldn't get by without a dishwasher. I couldn't get by without my microwave oven. Oh.

R: I couldn't get by without you, Maria.

M: Oh, sweetheart, I love you too.

R: Although you are not an electrical appliance that I keep in my home.

M: Are you comparing me to some equipment?

R: A useful piece of equipment. So I didn't say equipment I said electronic device and I also said I use it every single day without fail so this is saying just I use it often or I always use it, I use it every single day without fail it means that I, there's never a day when I do not use it.

M: Yeah, for example, the only electronic device I use is my kettle. I use it every day without fail to make tea, yum, yum, yum. Tea with milk.

R: And then you could say it comes in handy to talk about how it's useful to come in handy.

M: Yep. Yeah, my microwave comes in handy.

R: And then when you talk about the purpose you could say it serves as something so here it serves as a platform for my social media but you know your refrigerator you could say it serves as a means to keep my food preserved.

M: Yeah, or a dishwasher serves as a time saver for my like, soul saver, it saves my soul from all the washing thing.

R: There's more topic-specific stuff. So for example, I said laptop, but I also said desktop computer. So it's like a desktop computer. It's good for organizing photo albums and then talking about social media and video conferences. And then I talked about a USB plugin.

M: Yep.

R: The USB plug-in was difficult to carry around. So it's cumbersome, which just means it's difficult to carry.

M: Yeah, it's like big it's large. Unpleasantly large.

R: And then we talked about it miraculously beginning to work again. And it just seemed to self-repair and get back up and running which just means... To get something up and running means to make it work. And when something self-repairs, it means it fixes itself.

M: Yeah, Rory, you've used grinds my gears. Could you explain what this means?

R: Um, It's just a way of saying it really annoys me.

M: Oh, so it grinds my gears - it annoys me.

R: Yeah.

M: Or for example, like your fridge can annoy you by making these "fridgy" sounds that a refrigerator usually makes.

R: Maybe if you don't look after it.

M: But some fridges are like that even if you look after them, I don't know, that's my assumption. So you can say like all my fridge grinds my gears. Yeah. So kind of it's annoying.

R: Well, my fridge is really, it really grinds my gears is when my fridge does and then whatever the behavior is.

M: Or it really grinds my gears when my fridge makes crazy sounds. Okay. Cool. Rory, you use the third conditional.

R: Where, when, how?

M: Oh my gosh. We have the third, the third conditional. So if I'd had to keep carrying on like that, I would have been really hacked off. First of all, what does hack off mean, to be hacked off?

R: Well, it's got two meanings. The first is when you cut something off with an axe. But of course in this case it doesn't mean that, it means I was annoyed.

M: Yeah. Yeah. So I would have been really annoyed. So Rory is talking about the past and unreal past. So if I had had to keep carrying on like that, but he didn't.

R: Thank God.

M: I would have been really annoyed. But he didn't. He wasn't annoyed. Right? I would have been really hacked off. Wow. So cool. Okay, lovely. So if you hadn't talked about your laptop, which piece of equipment would you have told us about? The third conditional?

R: Hmm. I could talk about my refrigerator. If my refrigerator wasn't working properly, then I would have to get a repairman.

M: Hmm. Yeah. Careful that equipment is uncountable. So it's equipment, right? And another synonym for a piece of equipment is appliance. So kitchen appliances, like again, a kettle, an electric kettle, toaster, microwave. So kitchen appliances, right. So you can say oh, one of my favorite kitchen appliances is my lovely red electric kettle. A kettle that boils water, you know, blah, blah, blah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, just, dear listener, make sure that you do know your favorite piece of equipment in your home.

R: But until then, from us in our working laptops. Bye!

M: Thank you very much for listening! Bye-bye! We'll see you in part three!


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