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Part 2

Describe a course that impressed you

This episode's vocabulary

  • Memorable (adj.) - likely to be remembered or worth remembering.
  • To stand out (phrasal verb) - to be very noticeable.
  • Dedicated (adj.) - believing that something is very important and giving a lot of time and energy to it.
  • Assignment (noun) - a piece of work given to someone, typically as part of their studies or job.
  • Participant (noun) - a person who takes part in or becomes involved in a particular activity.
  • Aspect (noun) - one part of a situation, problem, subject, etc.
  • Beforehand (adverb) - earlier (than a particular time).
  • Impressive (adj.) - if an object or achievement is impressive, you admire or respect it, usually because it is special, important, or very large.
  • Scope (noun) - the range of a subject covered by a book, programme, discussion, class, etc.
  • Feature (noun) - a typical quality or an important part of something.
  • Session (noun) - a period of time or meeting arranged for a particular activity.
  • Workload (noun) - the amount of work to be done, especially by a particular person or machine in a period of time.


Questions and Answers

M: Ready Rory, are you all ready?

R: Very!

M: Bring it on!

R: I suppose I got quite lucky with this one, since I'm forever doing courses. One of the most memorable ones I've done was called the IH Certificate in Advanced Methodology. Now, that sounds very fancy. But it was really just a teacher training course, although, admittedly, it was a very good one. I've taken a few such courses. But what stood out the most about this one was the trainers who taught it and who managed the general administration. They were very dedicated to their work and they helped me become a better teacher through the various assignments they set for the participants, which was great. That was the whole reason behind taking the course in the first place. So if that hadn't happened, then it would have been a bit pointless then, wouldn't it? Another thing that stood out was the assignments, there is a new one every week. And these were designed to cover particular aspects which we had been learning about beforehand, we had to learn everything, not from how to teach specific grammar point, or like vocabulary sets, to how to teach the structure of whole texts. So it was quite impressive with how in-depth it was. And actually, the scope that was covered as, well, another impressive feature, I suppose. I'll also never forget the people who were on the course with me. In addition to the high-quality trainers, I already talked about them, everyone else on the course was a very dedicated participant. And we spoke for ages about the different aspects in like fabulous amounts of detail. Even after the main input sessions had ended the conversations would go on for hours afterwards. I think we were all quite sad when it was all over, though. But I'm sure no one missed the huge workload, even if they had achieved a lot by the time it was all over. I mean, I remember being exhausted and having to spend weekends doing different things. So to be honest, once that was done, I was quite happy to have my weekends back.

M: Would you like to do this course again?

R: Not know that I've done it the one time. Just a once is enough.

M: Thank you, Rory. That was a nice answer, to be honest with you!



M: So, dear listener, describe a course that impressed you. It could be a course, again, something educational. It could be something for fun. Could it be? I don't know. But a course, a language course or a course how to cook or anything like yoga.

R: Our phrasal verbs course.

M: We don't do any promotion on premium. Oh, I'm sorry about him.

R: I know. But it was a fun joke in 2021. So I'm just trying to keep the hype alive.

M: Oh, look at you. Aren't you lovely?

R: I like that course.

M: So, dear listener, could you now choose a course that you can talk about? If you've never taken any courses, well, you should make it up. You should imagine a course like...

R: Or you could look at our courses. We've got everything. We have the structure of the course, the content, the trainers, you can talk about all of these things.

M: True.

R: Why not talk about success with IELTS Podcourses? If you've taken them. If you haven't taken them then you should and also you should talk about them to your examiner.

M: Yeah, that's that's just a great idea. Yeah, I agree. But any other course would do. Like a yoga course, a course on breathing, a course on how to lead.

R: But especially a pod course about phrasal verbs. I'm not letting this go.

M: Right. So you said that do a course, right? So we usually do a course or you can take a course. Yeah. Anything else we can use?

R: A course I've gone on. It's a phrasal verb. Oh, you know where else you can find out about phrasal verbs?

M: Dear listener, I apologize.

R: . Check it out.

M: I apologize. Rory is acting in a bizarre, strange way. Sorry, sorry.

R: Look, I have found a way to save people time and money and also they get to do some advertising for us. I think that is quite a good deal. All things considered?

M: True, true. Dear listener, are you okay? Are you still listening? Good. Thank you. Thank you. So now we're going to give you some synonyms without any advertising. Jesus... So a course that impressed you. Rory, you said, memorable course.

R: Yes. So if something has impressed you, it's made an impression. And if it makes an impression, then it was memorable. You can remember it very clearly.

M: Yes.

R: Is that all?

M: And then you can say, the course I've done was called blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And this was a fancy course. It could be fancy.

R: It can sound fancy. But it's not actually fancy. You could have like, a course on like, it might be something like mindfulness for eternity. And then all you just need to say is like it's a course about mindfulness. It's helpful, but it has this nice name. So I mentioned the nice name.

M: A course on how to be happy forever, every second of your life. Yeah, and by the way, a course on something, a course on mindfulness, a course on cooking.

R: A course on phrasal verbs.

M: A course on how to tolerate our jokes, then you've said something like, I've taken a few courses, but a course which stood out.

R: Yes.

M: The most.

R: So this is another way of saying that it's memorable. If something stands out, then it's quite noticeable. It could be in terms of seeing it, or it could be in your memory. It stands out in my memory.

M: Yeah. Yeah.

R: So a memorable course, impressive course. And then this course stood out. Because blah, blah, because the teachers, the trainers, they were dedicated to their work. So tasks, usually you have some tasks on the course, you can call them assignments, assignments, or tasks. Usually people don't do any assignments. You know, like they... Most people buy a course and then just they don't even open it. They just buy it. Ok.

R: If you want to give more detail about the assignments, either talking about what was in the assignments, or what was the result, then you could say, which, and then which was great as or because or since that was the whole reason behind taking it in the first place. And that was something that I had to talk about, which was, well, what the course was about. So, the course was about being a teacher. And so the point was, you had to become a good teacher or become a better teacher, after you've taken the course.

M: Yeah. And here you should choose the course that you can talk about, right? If you choose a course, you took on some IT stuff and you don't know the words, you don't know or remember what it was about. Don't choose this course. Okay? Choose a course that you can talk about, or make it up, you can imagine everything. And then the course is designed to cover a particular aspect. So usually there are like units. And then like each unit could cover a particular aspect, or particular topic in-depth, or not in-depth.

R: If you were learning about it in-depth beforehand, you could say we had been learning about this beforehand.

M: Something in depth. Yeah. So I took this course on cooking, it could be offline, online, doesn't matter. And it was very impressive with how in-depth it was. So kind of like, you went deeply into the topics. And you can have other people on the course with you. So it's on the course, I was on the course, I joined the course. High-quality trainers.

R: Yes. We talk about the trainers or the people on the course who are taking it - participants.

M: Hmm. Participants. Yeah. So how many participants did you have?

R: That's a good question. There were 40. But there were two groups, I think. Years ago now. It's like 2016?

M: Oh, wow.

R: It's a long time ago.

M: And you can be a very dedicated participant, so dedicated to the course. Like you do all the assignments, you do your homework, you study hard, you finish the course. You complete the course.

R: You did the course. And you're a dedicated participant.

M: Yeah. You just don't like, you buy it, and that's it. The job is done. I've bought the course. So that's it. I may not do it. Yeah. So you complete the course, you finish the course. You go to the end. Yeah, and then Rory the input sessions. So this is something very specific. Input sessions.

R: Or you could talk about the classes.

M: Classes. Yeah. Online sessions, offline sessions, seminars, webinars, right? So all of this stuff. And then you can talk about a huge workload.

R: Yes. So that's just like the amount of work that you had to do. A huge workload, a small workload, a manageable workload.

M: Yeah. Dear listener, and if you just bought the course, and you did only two first classes, and then you just closed it and never came back to it, it's okay. You can also talk about it. Oh, this course impressed me, but I actually completed only two first classes. Well, okay, you can talk about that, you know, or you can imagine.

R: You know which course that wouldn't happen on?

M: Oh, my God, there he goes, again.

R: Hey, I never said anything. You just assume that I was gonna talk about our fantastic Podcourse on Phrasal Verbs. But I wasn't. Or was I? Who can say?

M: Yeah, but to be honest with you, yeah, you have a point. Because, dear listener, you are studying English. So I think it's gonna be best if you could talk about an English course.

R: And what would be better than an English course by the two people that you're listening to now.

M: Oh, my God.

R: Just a thought. I'm just thinking out loud. Oh, we should probably talk about sequencing phrases just very briefly.

M: Yeah.

R: For example, when moving from one part of the task to the next I used phrases like another thing that stood out. And I'll also never forget the people. So I'll also, another thing. And then here one of the most memorable courses I've done. So just introducing the topic. And then finishing off by the time it was all over, like I was happy to have my weekends back. Just phrases to finish off with.

M: Now, dear listener, could you take some time and think of the course that you want to talk about? Take notes on the bullet points. So the task asks you what the course was about, where you took it, what you learned from it, why was it impressive for you? So just take brief notes, you can use the language that we talked about here. The course stood out, I've taken it, I took it, impressive, yeah? Participants. So use maybe five of the words from what Rory has told us, okay? And take notes.

R: And if you're not sure about how to say or write any of the words that we've talked about, go to the transcript. There is a link in the description, and you can find it there. And you can use it to help.

M: Oh, that's been really useful, wasn't it?

R: Yes, super useful.

M: Thank you very much for listening and...

R: Podcourse on phrasal verbs is also useful. Thank you, bye!

M: Oh, my God. Did I apologize for him? Okay, yeah. We'll see you in speaking part three, and we're going to be talking about remembering things. Bye!

R: Bye!


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