Season 4

Famous People (S04E22)

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Questions and Answers

Maria: Let's talk about famous people. Do you want to be a star?

Rory: I think everybody probably does. At least when they're younger. I certainly used to, although as I've grown older, now I definitely appreciate the benefits of having a quieter life.

Maria: Have you ever met celebrities or pop stars in person?

Rory: Well, actually, I married one, but that is a story for another time. And that aside, I've met a few singers and comedians and a news presenter, actually. They were all very engaging. You could almost feel the charisma or the aura that they have or whatever it is. So I could see where people get a bit starstruck when they meet celebrities in real life. 

Maria: What pop stars do like, and do you like any foreign celebrities?

Rory: I suppose I like a range of musicians from Adam Levine. Or is it Levine? I can't remember. He's the vocalist from Maroon 5. And then we've got people like Kylie Minogue, although I suppose that's probably because she doesn't get involved in the drama of life like other divas do. As for foreign media, I don't really listen to much foreign music, although I listen to some of Sophie Tucker's songs from time to time, and she's quite good. I'm pretty sure she's Brazilian or Portuguese. So maybe that counts as foreign media.

Maria: Who's your favorite celebrity?

Rory: Oh, God, I'll probably be cancelled if I say who my favorite celebrity is. But a close joint second is held by two women. One's called Lauren Southern and the other one is called Candace Owens. They're, sort of, journalists/commentators in North America. They have really engaging manner of speaking that I quite like.

Maria: Who's your favorite movie star?

Rory: Um, I think it's probably either Chris Pratt or Chris Hemsworth. All the Chrises, frankly. I think they've got a good sense of style. And apparently, they're really interesting but respectful outside of their jobs. For example, aside from playing Thor, Chris Hemsworth is an avid surfer, at least I understand that's what he does, which is quite a cool sport to engage in, I suppose.

Maria: Are international movie stars famous in your country?

Rory: Oh, absolutely. I think Western media is sort of dominated by figures like that, regardless of which country you live in. And I think the same is true for Russia, although there's some home-grown entertainment figures, I guess, here, and they seem equally popular.

Maria: Do you read news about celebrities?

Rory: Oh, God, no. I can't think of anything more boring. Not unless it pops up on my news feed or Instagram or Facebook or something like that. Otherwise, I try and avoid petty drama like that.

Maria: How do celebrities influence their fans in your country?

Rory: Well, I suppose social media is the leading way and people consume whatever content they produce outside of that. I think it's quite cool in a way, because you can actually speak to them directly, unlike before, when they were, sort of, more abstract figures on the silver screen, for example. I think it makes people more real.


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