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Describe a special cake you received from others

Part 2

This episode's vocabulary

  • Icing (noun) - a sweet food used to cover or fill cakes, made from sugar and water or sugar and butter.
  • Edible (adj.) - suitable or safe for eating.
  • Ribbon (noun) - a long, narrow strip of material used to tie things together or as a decoration.
  • Layer (noun) - a level of material, such as a type of rock or gas, that is different from the material above or below it, or a thin sheet of a substance.
  • To line (verb) - to form a row along the side of something.
  • Interior (noun) - the inside part of something.
  • To serve (sth) up (phrasal verb) - to put food on plates for people to eat.
  •  Wayward (adj.) - doing only what you want and often changing your behaviour in a way that is difficult to control.
  • To wrap up sth (phrasal verb) - to cover or surround something in paper, cloth, or other material.
  • Cling firm (noun) - thin, transparent, plastic material, used for wrapping food to keep it fresh.


Questions and Answers

M: Rory, the Rory is going to describe a special cake he received from others. He's going to say when it happened, who he got the cake from, and he's going to explain why that cake was a special cake. Rory, are you ready for this delicious, yummy, yummy, tasty episode?

R: Yes.

M: About cake. Off you go.

R: I suppose birthday cake is the most obvious. And my last one certainly went on an adventure. It was for my 32nd birthday. And my folks had it made with a picture of me on the icing, although the whole thing was edible, apart from the ribbon around it. And well, the box of course, while it was my parents who paid to have it made, it was really a gift from the whole family since that's what birthdays are, or at least they should be about. And it was the first one I'd had in two years because I was away from my family for the whole pandemic. Aside from that particular aspect, it wasn't particularly special cake, it was just a couple of layers of sponge with jam in the middle. And I think icing lining the interior sites to help them fit together more solidly. I'm no expert on cakes, though. So don't take my word for it. The only other remarkable thing I can think of is what happened with it over the course of well, my birthday week. To begin with it was in one piece for my main party aside from some bits at the edges for the kids who were there. So those got caught away and served up. And then on the subject of serving it up, we also did that before we went on a walk the following day. My friends and I went down the beach. But before we did that we had the cake. And then after that it was actually partially eaten by a wayward dog. Well, one of my friends brought their dog with him. So the dog actually had to go at it too. Although my dad did manage to rescue it, so it wasn't all gone. It was just a significant part of it, actually. I thought it was funny. I wasn't particularly annoyed, the dog seemed happy. So in the closing parts of the week, the remaining bits were cut up and wrapped up in cling film and put in boxes. And I gave them to my friends who were in distant places around the city because they hadn't been able to make it to the other events. So I thought that that was a nice thing for them. Like I said, it was quite the adventure.

M: Did your friends enjoy the cake before it got eaten up by a dog?

R: They said so, yes, they seemed quite happy about it.

M: Thank you Rory!



M: Oh, what a lovely adventure of the cake. Rory's cake adventure. Yeah.

R: It was an adventure.

M: Interesting. A dog ate your cake. It's funny. Yeah, and it wasn't your dog. It was like a random dog.

R: No, no, it wasn't a random dog. It was my friend's dog.

M: Oh, your friend's dog.

R: We dont just have random dogs wandering around the house.

M: Oh, sweet. And did you eat, did you continue eating the cake after the dog ate it?

R: Well, we cut away the parts that were covered in dog. I don't know, dog saliva. So yes.

M: Oh, maybe your friend, whose dog it was, he went humans like Okay, so my dog just ate the cake. Okay, he just like continued eating the thingy. Oh god, it was funny. Alright, so what vocabulary can we use to describe a cake? Could be a bit, you know, tricky, if you don't know many words about cakes. So Rory decided to go easy on this one. And he talked about his birthday cake. And you said that your parents paid to have it's made. So my parents paid to have it made. So did they make the cake themselves?

R: No, oh, I did this with a student recently. If you have something made or have something done then it's a service that another person has performed for you.

M: Yeah, so Rory's parents were lazy. They didn't want to make the cake themselves. So they paid to have it made by somebody else. And it was a gift. Right? So it was like a birthday cake. It was a gift. And Rory said, Let's this cake went on an adventure. The cake went on an adventure. That was funny. You can crack jokes, you can make jokes in your IELTS exam.

R: Well, it's a fact. That cake went on an adventure, for sure.

M: And then he started describing the cake. My folks, my parents had it made, right? And they had a picture of me on the icing.

R: Yes, it was the icing on the cake, which is an idiom. But here it's not. It's the top part of the cake, which is like a, it's usually white, isn't it? It's like sugar, and it's sort of liquid sugar. And then when it's wet, you put it on, and then it dries and it forms a hard outer surface. I really want cake now.

M: Cake, cake, cake, sugar, sugar. Oh, you know, you know what? You can say like, oh, and then the cake got, and then the cake was eaten by the dog. And that was the icing on the cake.

R: Well, I wouldn't be sarcastic about that. I actually quite wanted to enjoy my cake by myself, but apparently the dogs greed.

M: Oh, yeah. So the icing, this, this sugary thing. And then a cake could have a ribbon around it. So this is like nice ribbon that we sometimes have on the flowers, this kind of string, beautiful string. And you said that the whole thing was edible. So the icing and the picture of you on the icing was edible.

R: Yes, that means that you could eat it. Although actually, if you're interested to know what this particular cake looks like, there's a picture on my Instagram.

M: Sweet. And then the dog ate Rory's face. Yeah. So go to Rory's Instagram, and check out the picture before it got eaten up by a dog. Alright. And then you said that it wasn't particularly special cake. So it wasn't special. It was just a cake with your face on the icing. I think it was pretty special.

R: Well, the inside of the cake wasn't special.

M: Yeah, you can say the inside of the cake wasn't special.

R: And the idea behind the cake was special.

M: It's a nice birthday cake.

M: Cute. And then you can describe the cake. It was just a couple of layers of sponge with jam in the middle.

R: Let's unpack that. Because that's like specialized vocabulary for cake. So layers are like the levels of the cake. If you imagine a building, the building has levels and so does the cake. And they're called layers.

M: Floors, floors of the cake.

R: And they're, well, if they're, if you can squeeze them, I'm squeezing my hands, only Maria can see this. But that's the sign for squeezing something, then it's a sponge cake. And then it had jam in the middle. So in the middle, I mean, I should have said in between the layers so they would fit together. And then I talked about the interior sides, which is just another way of saying the insides.

M: The interior sides of the cake were filled with jam. Yeah, you see how fancy it is? Yummy, yummy.

R: It's really fancy. But it still mean, just inside the cake, there was jam in between the layers. Thank you.

M: Yeah, yeah, but it's not fun to say like okay, inside the cake, we had jam. No, the insides of the cake, the interior.

R: The interior.

M: The interior. The interior insights. The interior sides of the cake,

R: I suppose you could say like there's the interior sides, which is the inside, but there's also the anterior sides, which is everything on the outside. So actually, it is specialized vocabulary, even though it sounds really silly.

M: And then you go, I'm no expert on cakes, but...

R: What a great... But what a brilliant, what a great phrase to add any part two tasks. Like I'm no expert on this, but...

M: Yeah.

R: Oh, well, the other thing is... I'm no expert on cakes, so don't take my word for it. So that's just basically saying I'm not an expert on cakes. So I could just be talking absolute nonsense.

M: True, true.

R: So you could say this for anything. It could be about like, I don't know, favorite dinosaur. I'm no expert on dinosaurs. So don't take my word for it. And you just bought yourself like an extra five seconds.

M: Yeah, yeah. And then you can continue, the only other remarkable thing that I can think of was and then what happened with it. Yep. Well, but if nothing happened to your cake, it's okay. You can say like, another thing which was remarkable about this cake was was pink, or it was, I don't know, purple or it was... It had a shape of a dollar or it was like a dollar cake. Because now they make so many different cakes. You can kind of make any cake. We can order a cake of Rory like full, in full length. You know like Rory like the full Rory.

R: Why would you do that?

M: I don't know, oh yeah. Or I don't know if you're into cars, you can make a car cake or on a unicorn cake. A rose cake. Different shapes. Yep. And then the cake was served up.

R: I was gonna say regardless of whether your cake goes on an adventure or not, it eventually gets eaten or it gets served up.

M: But first you serve the cake and then you eat it, right?

R: Yes, but they usually happen within a very short period of time, don't they? You get the cake served to you and then you eat it. If you're like me and you like cake. I like cake.

M: Yeah. And then Rory said that okay, which was partially eaten by a wayward dog. What does a wayward mean? A wayward?

R: Oh, wayward is just, it was out of control. Well, I mean...

M: Ah, okay, uncontrolled.

R: I say this as if like the dog was just like out of control in the house tearing the place to pieces, but he's actually a very nice dog. He was just really hungry. So I don't think the owner was expecting him to do that. And he was quite embarrassed, but I didn't mind. I thought it was fine.

M: So the dog decided to eat your face. All right, fine. And then Rory said, like the remaining bits were cut up and wrapped up for my friends in distant places. Oh, that was so cute. Yeah, so you can cut up the cake. So you wrap up the pieces of the cake for your friends. That's nice. Cute. Rory, could you comment on the organization of the answer?

R: Well, yes, so we talk about just how one part connects the other I started off with, instead of saying, one time I received a special cake from other people, which is a very weird way to start this out. So probably something like I suppose, blah, blah, blah, is the most obvious. So that way, you're still introducing the subject, but you're not taking it entirely from the task. And then when we move on to who you got the cake from, I didn't say I got it from. No, I said, while it was my parents who paid to have it made. It was really a gift from everyone or the whole family. And then I talked about why it was special. But I also said why it wasn't special. So I said aside from that it wasn't particularly special. And that gave me a chance to show off the vocabulary that is connected with cakes. And then while I was doing that, I thought I'd explain further about why it was a special cake, because it went on a bit of an adventure. And then I gave the details about the adventure. And then I wrapped up everything with saying as I said, quite the adventure, which is what I started off with in the first sentence.

M: Yes. Cool. Lovely. Thank you very much for listening! And in speaking part three, we'll continue talking about food, about cakes, about special food, and special cakes and occasions. Bye!

R: Bye!

M: Bye! Sugar, sugar, honey, honey, sugar, sugar!


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