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This podcast aims to give you an insight on how to write high level IELTS essays. Every episode is a new essay, which our hosts, Maria and Rory, will be writing on the spot, to keep it real and help you follow the course of writing as it happens. They’ll be showing you their brainstorming, planning, and writing processes (and having fun along the way, of course). You will learn what it takes to write a great IELTS essay and how to write one yourself!

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IELTS Candidates
Learn model answers and vocabulary that will help you boost your English and get a higher band in your IELTS Speaking exam!
English Learners
If you're studying general English and would like to understand more, and sound like a native speaker, listening to our podcast will help you achieve that!
Get inspired to teach your students IELTS Speaking! Get them engaged, improving, and having fun...along the way! You can use this podcast in your classes or give it to your students as homework!
English Teachers
Maria and Rory are both cool and full of awesome!
You might know them as the hosts of the "IELTS Speaking for Success" podcast.
Maria and Rory are both cool and full of awesome! You might know them as the hosts of the "IELTS Speaking for Success" podcast.
Maria Molashenko
Maria is a Cambridge certified teacher and teacher trainer (CELTA, DELTA) and has been teaching English since 2004. Maria is a CELTA tutor and has worked in Asia and Europe training teachers from all over the globe. She's been with IELTS for over 7 years, has taken the exam herself several times (9.0 for speaking), and helped hundreds of happy students to achieve the score they wanted. Maria is a Nile (Norwich, UK) certified IELTS teacher.
Rory Duncan
Rory comes from Scotland and is a regular public speaker, which makes him an ideal speaking coach. He is a holder of CELTA, IH CAM and Delta Module One qualifications along with many others. In addition to teaching various exam preparation classes (Cambridge, GMAT, IELTS, Trinity, etc.), Rory has lived and worked intensively in European and African countries with a focus Exam Preparation for the last 10 years.
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Listen actively

Give yourself an hour a day to listen to the podcast. Listen carefully for vocabulary, grammar, and the examples given.

Write things out

Active listening involves writing things out. Take time to pause and write down things you like. Say them aloud to practice your pronunciation.

You might want to use "Quizlet" or services alike to help you study. Also. it's better to memorize whole sentences rather than separate words and phrasas.

Refresh your knowledge by listening to the episodes again and recalling all the vocabulary, and grammar structures

We release new episodes covering the most recent IELTS Writing Task 2 topics every other week.
Maria and Rory are both cool and full of awesome! You might know them as the hosts of the "IELTS Speaking for Success" podcast.
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