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Our Podcast "IELTS Speaking for Success" gave you model answers and vocabulary to use in your IELTS Speaking exam, but it did not give you in-depth knowledge about idiomatic language, conditionals, articles, prepositions, etc. you need to learn in order to speak English fluently.
PodCourses are designed to do just that!
What are PodCourses?
They are language courses in a podcast format, each focusing on a specific area of the English language.
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We're all spending too much time starring at our screens as it is already. Give your eyes a break! PodCourses make the most out of audio, without
Learn from Maria and Rory
...and have fun along the way! Maria and Rory are bringing our Podcast vibes, humor, energy, and of course, concentrated knowledge into our PodCourses!
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Listen to PodCourses in your favourite podcast app while you're commuting, walking the dog, washing the dishes or even taking a bath!
Idiomatic Language
It is the intended result of the complete process of presentation of textual material in order to communicate meaning.
An accessory for any occasion, from a nice dinner to an underwater swim.
Marinetmarine store backpack. The Sac Marin can be worn as a backpack or as a bag over one shoulder.
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Set-up guide
Our first meeting. We will share with you all the information about our business model and discuss the processes and stages of our cooperation. We will also help you fill out a detailed form.
Negotiations regarding the agreement and particulars of our cooperation. Franchise agreement signing. Lump-sum payment. Transfer of the franchise package.
Preparing the location
Search and approval of the coffee shop's location. Development of the coffee shop's design project, followed by its renovation. Purchase of equipment.
Download and listen offline
Search and training of staff. Equipment set-up. Purchase of additional and day-to-day supplies. Opening the coffee shop.
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Where can I listen to PodCourse?
Simultaneous, consecutive, liaison, whispered and telephone interpreting for any kind of event.
Is it a subscription or a one-time payment?
An official, technical, legal, medical, financial, business documents, website translations, certified translations.
Proofreading and editing
–°orrection errors in translation, mistranslation, typographical mistakes or excessively literal translation.
Rewriting and copywriting
Adapting texts and documents to a brand new market and readership, choosing a suitable writing style.
Audio transcription
Conversion of speech (from an audio or video source file) into an electronic text document.
Multilingual subtitles
Transcribing the voice-over and the titles in the video. A synchronization of the subtitles and the video.
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