In the first ever episode, Maria and Rory discuss robots, a topic that sometimes
comes up during speaking parts of the IELTS exam.
  • Laborsaving (adj.) — adapted to replace or decrease human and especially manual labor.
  • To creep out (phrasal verb) — to cause (someone) to have an uncomfortable feeling of nervousness or fear : to give (someone) the creeps
  • Reassuring (adj.) —restoring or intended to restore confidence : reducing or eliminating worry or uncertainty
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Maria: What do you think of Robots?

Rory: I think robots are wonderful. They seem to be great laborsaving devices… well now they are, at the very least. You can bring them into your home, and they can do all kinds of tasks for you that before you would have to do just by yourself. So it’s great for saving time for saving yourself as well. So I think the more we have of robots in the home the better.

Maria: So you’re positive about robots?

Rory: Very.

Maria: Wow. OK. Did you watch any cartoons related to robots in your childhood?

Rory: I think so. I don’t remember anything specifically about robots but something that was connected to it was a program called “Button Moon” which was, again not a cartoon but it was a stop motion kind of animation and they had a robot on that show. So it’s kind of similar to it. It’s probably not a very good one though. I can remember it creeped me out a lot when I was a child.

Maria: OK. Do you like the idea of robots helping you at home or driving your car.

Rory: Oh yes! Both. Like I said, I think they’re great for saving time and saving your labor, so you can focus on other things. I just wish we had more of them and they were better developed. This is for the home of course. But when it comes to driving my car I’m not so sure just right now if I want them to do that. I know they’re testing this, but I would like to see them test it a little bit more before I trusted my life in the hands of a robot.

Maria: Rory, would you like to have a robot?

Rory: Would I? Yes, absolutely! Like I say as many as possible.

Maria: Wow. So if you had like 10 robots at home you’d be very happy?

Rory: Yes! As long as they were doing different jobs. If I paid for ten robots to do the same job then that would be a waste of money.

Maria: Isn’t it a bit scary to have like 10 robots at home?

Rory: If you’re as lazy as I am, I find it quite reassuring.

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