Do you think mirrors are a necessary decoration? Where do you put mirrors? Do you have a mirror in your bag?
  • Inadvertently (adj.) - in a way that is not intentional.
  • Handy (adj.) - useful or convenient.
  • Wardrobe (noun) - a tall cupboard in which you hang your clothes.
  • To inspect (verb) - to look at something or someone carefully in order to discover information, especially about their quality or condition.
  • Vestibule (noun) - a small room just inside the outer door of a public building where you can leave your coat, etc.
  • Foyer (noun) - a large open area just inside the entrance of a public building such as a theatre or a hotel, where people can wait and meet each other.
  • Convention (noun) - a way of doing something or appearing that is considered usual and correct.
  • Footwear (noun) - shoes, boots, or any other outer covering for the human foot.
  • Reflection (noun) - the image of something in a mirror or on any reflective surface.
  • Generic (adj.) - shared by, typical of, or relating to a whole group of similar things, rather than to any particular thing.
  • Ornate (adj.) - having a lot of complicated decoration.
Questions and answers
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M: Rory, how often do you look at yourself in the mirror?

R: Well, I have to every day when I fix my hair and put on moisturizer to make sure everything is evened out and in the right place. And then, I suppose inadvertently whenever I've been to the bathroom, since there are mirrors on the walls, and you can't really avoid them when you have to wash your hands.

M: Do you have mirrors in your home?

R: I have a wall mirror in the bathroom and a full-body one in my home in Scotland. It's set into the wardrobe so it's quite handy when you're getting dressed actually.

M: Do you think mirrors are a necessary decoration?

R: Well, I've never really thought about it until now, but I suppose you're right. Many people have them in their entrance halls at home, in the bathroom and the bedroom. Some people have them on their desks. I suppose. It's a bit like curtains really when you think about it. You don't really focus on them much. But you would notice if they weren't there.

M: Do you often buy mirrors? Stop drinking your coffee and answer the question.

R: I have never bought one in my life actually. They always seem to come with the places that I've stayed in. I don't know where you would even buy one. Like a specific mirror shop, probably. Furniture store or something like that.

M: Where do you put mirrors?

R: Well, it's probably easier to say where you don't put them really. They should be at eye level and in rooms or places where inspecting your face is part of the routine there. So the bathroom and the bedroom are the most obvious so you can check when you go out, and the vestibules or the foyers so you can check yourself out before entering a place with other people. There are places that break with this convention like shoe shops for example, where they have mirrors at foot level so you can look at your, well, you can see how your new footwear looks.

M: Rory, do you have a mirror in your bag?

R: No, I don't. I have on my phone. I can look at the reflection of my phone if I need to.

M: Do you think you should have a mirror in your bag or in your pocket?

R: Well, for me personally no. But I suppose for other people if they feel like they need to check their face or their make-up regularly then they can.

M: Would you give a mirror as a gift, Rory?

R: Not as a sort of generic present. No. I guess if someone was really into mirrors then if there was a particularly ornate one, then that might be a good gift for them. But it seems, it's a strange gift to give, isn't it?

M: Hmm. Shall we give a mirror to Vanya?
R: No, he doesn't need that kind of torture.

M: Looking at himself every day. Thank you very much, Rory, for your answers! They are a mirror to our vocabulary. No?

R: Maybe things reflect positively on our podcast. There we go.
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