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What was your first mobile phone? How often do you use your mobile phone? Can you describe your mobile phone? How has your mobile phone changed your life?
  • Brick (noun) - an early mobile phone that was thick and heavy compared to newer phones.
  • Model (noun) - a particular type of machine, especially a car, that is slightly different from machines of the same type.
  • To sync (verb) - to connect two electronic devices so that they both have the latest information or files. (informal for synchronize)
  • Function (noun) - a process that a computer or a computer program uses to complete a task.
  • Handheld (adj.) - a handheld object has been designed so that it can be held and used easily with one or two hands.
  • Screen (noun) - a flat surface on a television or computer, or in a cinema, on which pictures or words are shown.
  • Hassle (noun) - (a situation causing) difficulty or trouble.
  • Sentimental (adj.) - related to feelings rather than reason.
  • Limb (noun) - an arm or leg of a person or animal.
  • To communicate (verb) - to share information with others by speaking, writing, moving your body, or using other signals.
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Questions and answers
M: What was your first mobile phone?

R: I think it was this brick-like Nokia. I mean, we are talking about 20 years ago. So I can't remember the exact model. But the make was definitely a Nokia.

M: How often do you use your mobile phone?

R: Well, I think it's on an everyday basis now, since it's a smartphone, so it's like synced to my email, calendar, everything I need to work. Oh, I even use it to record the podcast or sorry, I even used it to record the podcast.

M: Do you use it for texting or calls?

R: I honestly can't remember the last time I sent a real text or made an actual call. But I use those functions on various messenger services and social media sites that I'm signed up to pretty much all the time.

M: Can you describe your mobile phone?

R: I suppose it looks like a black mirror to borrow an expression. It's just a handheld screen most of the time. And when I try to keep it in my pocket, so it's darkened most of the time as well. I don't it's much different from any other smartphone you've come across, to be honest.

M: Will you buy a new smartphone soon?

R: Well, I have no plans to. My current one does the job and it's always such a hassle to buy a new one and transfer everything over. And this one has some sentimental value too, since it was a gift, maybe for my next birthday. But certainly, I've nothing solid planned just yet.

M: How has your mobile phone changed your life?
R: I often find myself thinking about that, actually. It would be like I was missing a limb if I had to give it up now. I think it's changed everything from how often I communicate to who I communicate with. Maybe even how I communicate, to be honest. I can't imagine life without it. Well, I can, but it isn't a very pleasant thought.

M: Thank you, Rory, for your nice answers!
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