Do you like watching sports programs on TV? Do you like to watch live games? Who do you like to watch sports games with? What kinds of games will you watch in the future?
  • Major (adj.) - more important, bigger, or more serious than others of the same type.
  • In passing - while talking or thinking about something else.
  • Aftermath (noun) - the period that follows an unpleasant event or accident, and the effects that it causes.
  • E-sport (noun) - the activity of playing computer games against other people on the internet, often for money, and often watched by other people using the internet, sometimes at special organized events.
  • Debatable (adj.) - not clear or certain because different people may have different opinions.
  • Competitive (adj.) - involving competition.
  • Competition (noun) - a situation in which someone is trying to win something or be more successful than someone else.
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Questions and answers
M: Rory, are you ready?

R: Yes.

M: Let's talk about sports. Do you like sports?

R: Probably not as much as some people but I keep abreast of the biggest matches when I can. I think I prefer doing sports, and, well, doing exercise more than actually watching either of them happen.

M: Do you like watching sports programs on TV?

R: Well, like I said, it's not really my thing, unless it's something major, like, I don't know, my own country or city playing against another team. And even then I only really have a look in the passing. I don't have a great deal of time for it these days.

M: Do you like to watch live games?

R: Oh, I think the last time I did that was when I was a child. Getting tickets to these events and then actually getting to them can be a bit expensive and demanding. Especially now there's always, well, there are crowds anyway, but it's quite crowded. And then just the general atmosphere is not something I want to be part of at the moment.

M: Who do you like to watch sports games with? Who?

R: I suppose whenever I do, it's usually my parents, since they'll have them on TV. Though sometimes my friends and I discuss matches and their aftermath from time to time.

M: What kinds of games will you watch in the future?

R: That's a very good question. Some e-sports are getting quite popular these days. Though it's debatable whether or not they count. But certainly if there were people that were playing a game that I liked online, as unlikely as that is, then I would probably watch it.

M: Did you do any sports when you were younger?

R: To varying extents yes. But I distinctly recall not being a big fan of the experience or experiences, to be honest with you. I wasn't a very sporty child.

M: Do you do any sports these days?

R: I exercise these days. I don't think that's the same as doing sports like rugby, which was like, organized and competitive.
M: Thank you, Rory, for your answers! So they kept us in good shape. Right. Okay.

R: Thank you for giving me a sporting chance! Sorry, that was a terrible pun, but nevermind.
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