What do you do to relax? Do you think vacation is a good time for you to relax? Do you think students need more time to relax?
  • Switch off (phrasal verb) - to stop giving your attention to someone or something.
  • Into the bargain - in addition to other facts previously mentioned.
  • Rewind (verb) - to go back, or to make something go back, to an earlier time.
  • Investment (noun) - the act of putting money or effort into something to make a profit or achieve a result.
  • Recharge (verb) - to get new energy or to give new energy to something.
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R: Ready, Brandon?

B: I am.

R: Okay. What do you do to relax?

B: Um, well, first, I should say I don't have much time to relax nowadays with a new baby. But when I do, I love cycling. And any opportunity I get, I get out on the bike. And it just helps me to switch off and get some good fitness and conditioning into the bargain.

R: Do you think doing sports is a good way to relax?

B: It depends on the sport. When I was younger, I used to do a lot of combat sports and possibly not the best way to relax. But nowadays I'm a bit older. I like more general forms of exercise such as cycling, which yeah, absolutely help me to relax.

R: Do you think vacation is a good time for you to relax?

B: Personally speaking, I'm not the most relaxed person when I go on holiday. I'm constantly thinking about all the airport stuff that you have to do. Checking in, making sure you have all your tickets, you haven't forgotten anything. And then it takes me three or four days to rewind. And then I'll realize I've got about four days left. So I'm not the most relaxed person when it comes to holidays. Some of my friends are, they find it easy to just switch off and lie on a beach. I'm not really one of those people.

R: Do you think students need more time to relax?
B: Yeah, I mean, you know, studying is a heavy investment, you know, financially, emotionally. And yeah, it can get quite stressful. So I think yeah, they do need time to switch off and recharge.

R: Brandon, thank you for your answers.
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