New Places
Have you been to a new place recently? How often do you go to new places? Have you ever moved into a new place or a new home? Why is living in the same place for a long time not good?
  • To stick out (phrasal verb) - to be very easy to notice.
  • A recipe for sth. (phrase) - an idea, situation, or method that is likely to result in something.
  • Adventurous (adj.) - willing to try new or difficult things.
  • Habit (noun) - something that you do often and regularly, sometimes without knowing that you are doing it.
  • Call for sth. (phrasal verb) - to need or deserve a particular action, remark, or quality.
  • Prior to sth. - before a particular time or event.
  • Travel light - to bring very few things with you when you go somewhere.
  • To crave (verb) - to have a very strong feeling of wanting something.
  • Novelty (noun) - the quality of being new and unusual.
  • Extrovert (noun) - an energetic person who enjoys being with other people.
  • To thrive (verb) - to grow, develop, or be successful.
  • Detrimental (adj.) - causing harm or damage.
Questions and answers
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M: Have you been to a new place recently?

R: Oh, too many to count, now I think about it. But the one that sticks out most would be the school I had to work out for my placement. It's only a few minutes up the road. But I'd never been there up until about six weeks ago. It was great. The students and staff are fantastic.

M: Do you prefer visiting new places or going to the ones you know?

R: Well, I suppose it depends on the company I'm keeping, really. If I'm with people I know in a place where comfortable, then that seems like a recipe for success. On the other hand, if I were, I don't know, in a more adventurous mood, I think going to a new place by myself might be quite fun.

M: How often do you go to new places?

R: Well, for the last 10 years it seems like that has happened literally every other day. Recently, though, since I moved back to my hometown, I haven't made a habit of it unless there's occasion called for it. I think that's true for many people, since there's like the whole global pandemic thing on right now.

M: Have you ever moved into a new place or a new home?

R: Oh, all the time. Like I say, especially over the last few years. I think I've moved house every year for the past seven years or something like that. Most recently back to my hometown in Dundee. Prior to that, I moved regularly as, well, my job changed around in Moscow. So I was just moving to different parts of the city.

M: How did you feel about moving?

R: Completely fine. I travel light, so I don't have a lot of things to pack. And usually it can all be moved in one go. So there's no stress there. Usually, I was quite keen to get to know a new part of town if it was Moscow, or a new part of the country if it was a place like Timor where we moved around a lot.
M: Why is living in the same place for a long time not good?

R: Well, I imagine that depends on your personality. But let's assume you're someone who, I don't know, craves novelty, and is an extrovert who thrives on conversations with new people, then you would probably prefer to live, well, in different places. But if you're the opposite of that, then I can see how it would be quite detrimental for you.
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