Do you like islands? Are there any islands in your country? Do you want to live on an island? What would you like to do if you were on an island?
  • Notion (noun) - a belief or idea.
  • The mainland (noun) - the main part of a country or continent, not including the islands around it.
  • To nestle (verb) - to be in, or put something in, a protected position, with bigger things around it.
  • Archipelagos (noun) - a group of small islands or an area of sea in which there are many small islands.
  • Have your fill of something (idiom) - to have or experience as much as you want of something.
  • To fancy (verb) - to want to have or do something.
  • Coast (noun) - the land next to or close to the sea.
  • Interior (noun) - the land that is furthest away from the outside or coast of a country or continent.
  • Seldom (adverb) - almost never.
Questions and answers
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M: Do you like islands?

R: Um, well, yeah, very much so. I love being near the sea. And there's this sort of romantic notion of isolation and discovering a new world when you're on an island. You don't really get that if you're on the mainland, do you?

M: Have you ever been to an island?

R: Actually, I've lived on quite a few islands in my time. I worked on a small island, which is like sort of nestled among the coral reefs in Fiji, although that's not saying much, because many of them are. And I also lived on the much bigger island of Timor, which is, it's divided between East Timor and Indonesia.

M: Are there any islands in your country?

R: Oh, God, there are hundreds of individual islands. And they're part of sort of larger island chains in the archipelagos. I'd say the most famous are the Outer Hebrides and the Shetland Islands, which are the most easterly and northerly, respectively.

M: Do you want to live on an island?

R: Well, given that I've already lived on a few, I think I've kind of had my fill of them. Though I suppose if there were no alternatives, I could do it again, without much complaint. I'm quite self-sufficient. So it would hardly be a disaster.

M: What would you like to do if you were on an island?

R: Oh, I quite fancy going sailing, since I've done just about everything else you could do near the coast of an island. And obviously, exploring the interior is always unique, because islands are seldom the same.

M: Do you think you'll go to an island soon?
R: Not in the near future. Maybe if I have to get a job far away then there's lots of *schools at islands* that I could go to.

M: Thank you, Rory, for your island questions.

R: It's okay. I'm an island of vocabulary.
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