Famous People

Have you ever met celebrities or pop stars in person? Who's your favorite movie star? Do you read news about celebrities? How do celebrities influence their fans in your country?
  • To appreciate (verb) - to recognize how good someone or something is and to value him, her, or it.
  • Engaging (adj.) - pleasant, attractive, and charming.
  • Charisma (noun) - a special power that some people have naturally that makes them able to influence other people and attract their attention and admiration.
  • Aura (noun) - a feeling or character that a person or place seems to have.
  • Star-struck (adj.) - feeling great or too much respect for famous or important people, especially famous actors or performers.
  • Diva (noun) - a very successful and famous female singer or actor:
  • To cancel smbd (verb) - to completely reject and stop supporting someone, especially because they have said something that offends you.
  • To dominate (verb) - to be the largest, most important, or most noticeable part of something.
  • Figure (noun) - a particular type of figure is a person with that characteristic.
  • To pop up (phrasal verb) - to appear or happen, especially suddenly or unexpectedly.
  • Petty (adj.) - not important and not worth giving attention to.
  • Silver screen (noun) - the film industry.
Questions and answers
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Maria: Let's talk about famous people. Do you want to be a star?

Rory: I think everybody probably does. At least when they're younger. I certainly used to, although as I've grown older, now I definitely appreciate the benefits of having a quieter life.

Maria: Have you ever met celebrities or pop stars in person?

Rory: Well, actually, I married one, but that is a story for another time. And that aside, I've met a few singers and comedians and a news presenter, actually. They were all very engaging. You could almost feel the charisma or the aura that they have or whatever it is. So I could see where people get a bit starstruck when they meet celebrities in real life.

Maria: What pop stars do like, and do you like any foreign celebrities?

Rory: I suppose I like a range of musicians from Adam Levine. Or is it Levine? I can't remember. He's the vocalist from Maroon 5. And then we've got people like Kylie Minogue, although I suppose that's probably because she doesn't get involved in the drama of life like other divas do. As for foreign media, I don't really listen to much foreign music, although I listen to some of Sophie Tucker's songs from time to time, and she's quite good. I'm pretty sure she's Brazilian or Portuguese. So maybe that counts as foreign media.

Maria: Who's your favorite celebrity?

Rory: Oh, God, I'll probably be cancelled if I say who my favorite celebrity is. But a close joint second is held by two women. One's called Lauren Southern and the other one is called Candace Owens. They're, sort of, journalists/commentators in North America. They have really engaging manner of speaking that I quite like.

Maria: Who's your favorite movie star?

Rory: Um, I think it's probably either Chris Pratt or Chris Hemsworth. All the Chrises, frankly. I think they've got a good sense of style. And apparently, they're really interesting but respectful outside of their jobs. For example, aside from playing Thor, Chris Hemsworth is an avid surfer, at least I understand that's what he does, which is quite a cool sport to engage in, I suppose.

Maria: Are international movie stars famous in your country?

Rory: Oh, absolutely. I think Western media is sort of dominated by figures like that, regardless of which country you live in. And I think the same is true for Russia, although there's some home-grown entertainment figures, I guess, here, and they seem equally popular.

Maria: Do you read news about celebrities?

Rory: Oh, God, no. I can't think of anything more boring. Not unless it pops up on my news feed or Instagram or Facebook or something like that. Otherwise, I try and avoid petty drama like that.
Maria: How do celebrities influence their fans in your country?

Rory: Well, I suppose social media is the leading way and people consume whatever content they produce outside of that. I think it's quite cool in a way, because you can actually speak to them directly, unlike before, when they were, sort of, more abstract figures on the silver screen, for example. I think it makes people more real.
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