Would you like to live in a house with beautiful scenery around it? Why do people like taking pictures of the scenery? Do you enjoy taking photos of the scenery?
  • Be littered with sth (phrase) - to contain a lot of something.
  • Pervade (verb) - to spread through all parts of something.
  • Behold (verb) - to see or look at someone or something.
  • Memento (noun) - an object that you keep to remember a person, place, or event.
  • Motto (noun) - a short sentence or phrase that expresses a belief or purpose.
  • Urge (noun) - a strong wish, especially one that is difficult or impossible to control.
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Check out our course on phrasal verbs!
Questions and answers
Maria: Rory, are there many places in your hometown with beautiful scenery?

Rory: Yes, and I recommend people check them out when they can. For example, Scotland is, I don't know, littered with castles. There's one less than two kilometres from my home there, for example. And then there are the mountain ranges, lochs. That's our word for lake. And different kinds of coastal scenery to enjoy. Even near my home, there's a burn which is like a small river, and you can walk by that, if you're careful with the gore species, it's like tamed nature pervades the place. I love it.

Maria: When you travel, do you stay in hotels with good views?

Rory: Not really, since I prefer to get out in the boat. But it's not usually a problem because I'm hardly ever in my room when I'm traveling at least, and there are always sites to see close by. So it's not something I worry about too much.

Maria: Do you enjoy visiting places with beautiful views?

Rory: For me, it's always more about who I'm with rather than where I am or what I see, but I don't think I've been anywhere really ugly. Even the more industrial areas of Russia or Scotland have something about them that makes them an interesting sight to behold. Although there's a beautiful view if anyone's been to Romania from the People's Palace and that looks over the city and that is absolutely spectacular. And I would definitely recommend people who enjoy visiting those kinds of places go there.

Maria: Would you like to live in a house with beautiful scenery around it?

Rory: Oh, I think that's pretty much the law in Scotland. Even the industrial states, for all the problems that are associated with them, are quite pleasant to look at. I'd like to live in a town called Arbroath back home. That's near the sea, and there are some good cliffs to look at well, from this town. And then you can look out at the water from them, too. I think that's quite beautiful.

Maria: Why do people like taking pictures of the scenery?

Rory: Not by the people, like taking pictures of anything. It's because they like what they're looking at and they want to have this memory of whatever it is they're seeing. So why not? It's always nice to have a memento. I think there's an expression. It's like whenever you go somewhere, take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints. And I think that's quite a good motto for whenever you're travelling anywhere.
Maria: What about you? Do you enjoy taking photos of the scenery?

Rory: Sometimes that's not something I usually set out to do. I just take pictures when the urge takes me really.
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