Special Costumes

Did you wear any special costumes when you were young? When was the last time you wore a special costume? Do you ever buy special costumes?
  • Kilt (noun) - a skirt with many folds, made from tartan cloth and traditionally worn by Scottish men and boys.
  • To force smth on smn (phrasal verb ;)) - to make someone accept something that they do not want.
  • Dress party (noun) - a costume party (American English) or a fancy dress party (British English) is a type of party, common mainly in contemporary Western culture, where many of the guests are dressed up in costumes.
  • Not my thing (phrase) - its not something you enjoy.
  • Fortune (noun) - a large amount of money, goods, property, etc.
  • Tailor-made (adj.) - specially made for a particular purpose.
  • Prop (noun) - an object used by the actors performing in a play or film.
Questions and answers
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M: Rory, let's talk about special costumes. Do you like to wear special costumes, Rory?

R: Not really. No. I don't even like Halloween when everyone gets dressed up. I just think it's a lot of effort for not much reward, to be honest with you. Even when I wear my kilt. It's not for me. It's more for other people around me. They're usually curious about it and the colors and patterns and have lots of questions about it. But it doesn't really do much for me, I'm afraid.

M: Did you wear any special costumes when you were young?

R: I think one of the reasons why I'm not a great fan of costumes now is because of the ones my parents used to force on me when I was younger. I never quite got into it, even though they were obviously really big fans of the idea. There were ones for Halloween, fancy dress parties, and some birthdays. But still, it was never really my thing.

M: When was the last time you wore a special costume?

R: Well, I wore my kilt in Yegoryevsk, so people could take pictures and ask questions about the culture and history behind it. To be honest, though, in this sense, it was more of a prop than a costume, really.

M: Do you ever buy special costumes?

R: Oh, absolutely no. I think it's a huge waste of money in my opinion. Like even my kilt was a gift. It cost my parents an absolute fortune to have handmade.

M: Where can people go to buy special costumes?
R: Well, I suppose it depends on the kind of costume. If it's like a fancy dress costume, then there are sort of special specialist stores for this, I guess the called fancy dress shops where I'm from. If it's a sort of national dress, then you might have to pay for it to be tailor-made or handmade. And then it's got to go through all of the logistics behind that as well. So it will depend entirely on what costume you want.

M: Rory, thank you very much for your answers.
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