How do you think your life will change in the future? Are you worried about your future? What challenges do you see for yourself in the near future?
  • In a nutshell - using as few words as possible.
  • Point of no return - the stage at which it is no longer possible to stop what you are doing and when its effects cannot now be avoided or prevented.
  • Panic station - a situation in which people feel worried and nervous because things need to be done quickly.
  • Miserable (adj.) - very unhappy.
  • Hurdle (noun) - a difficulty to be dealt with.
  • A great/good deal - a large amount.
  • Desirable (adj.) - worth having and wanted by most people.
  • Leapfrog (verb) - to improve your position by going past other people quickly or by missing out some stages.
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Questions and answers
M: Rory, tell the world, how do you think your life will change in the future?

R: Well-well, ideally it will change for the better. I'll have less work, fewer jobs and more free time to spend with my friends and family. And hopefully I'll have a family of my own in a house that I own as well. So in summary, less work and more people will be in my life.

M: What are your future plans?

R: Well, in a nutshell, get into primary teaching and have a quiet life with a partner and two and a half children and a dog. But to expand on that, I need to do a university course and hopefully that will be next year. And then after that, I'll see how that works out. And it all depends on whether I like primary school teaching or not. And if I like it, then I'll stay in Scotland. And if I don't like it, then I'll need to go back to English teaching. But that's OK because I like English teaching as well. Either way, hopefully I'll have the time to buy a house and live there and do whatever work I set alone there.

M: Are you worried about your future?

R: A little bit. One of my fears is that I might not get to meet my children or grandchildren, having passed the point of no return for that to happen. And I think I still have a bit of time before I hit panic stations, though. So it's just a small worry, but it's not... But it's still something to be concerned about.

M: Do you think you'll have a bright future?

R: Hope so. I don't think many people want a miserable future, do they? Um, I think well, there will always be things that could be better, but I'm hopeful that everything in my life will be positive for the most part.

M: What challenges do you see for yourself in the near future?

R: Well, I think probably the greatest hurdles to overcome will be finding a partner and maintaining a stable job while having a family. I think about it often, but it's not really something you can do much about until you meet the other person in your life that you decide to have children with. But it is a thing that comes up increasingly. Not just in my life, but other people I think are facing this challenge as well. So it's good to know that I'm in good company in this respect.

M: How much travelling do you hope to do in the future?
R: Not a great deal, to be honest, after the next few years, although within that time period I'd like to visit a few countries in the Caucasus, and the Balkans, and South America. But after that, I'm pretty much done. Like I said, a quiet life is very much desirable and you can't have a quiet life if you're leapfrogging from country to country, like someone's lit a fire under you.
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