Going out
Do you often go out in the evenings? Do people in your country go out a lot? Where do most young people like to go out in your country?
  • Homebody (noun) - a person who likes spending time at home rather than going out with friends or travelling to different places.
  • Be in a time warp - to be in a place where the rules of time don't apply.
  • Hence (adverb) - that is the reason or explanation for.
  • Scarcely (adverb) - almost not.
  • Nip (verb) - to go somewhere quickly or be somewhere for only a short time.
  • Din (noun) - a loud, unpleasant confused noise that lasts for a long time..
  • Venue (noun) - the place where a public event or meeting happens.
  • Recreational (adj.) - connected with ways of enjoying yourself when you are not working.
  • Resemble (verb) - to look like or be like someone or something.
  • Wander (verb) - to walk around slowly in a relaxed way or without any clear purpose or direction.
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Get exclusive episodes on IELTS Speaking parts 1, 2, and 3
Questions and answers
M: Rory, do you like going out or staying at home?

R: To tell the truth I much more of a homebody, to be honest. I rarely like going out to clubs these days because I'm a little bit past it, and I hate loud music and crowds. It's the kind of combination that sort of makes your insides vibrate at the same time they're being crushed out of existence.

M: Do you often go out in the evenings?

R: Almost never if I am honest. Unless I'm going to the gym and shopping and then walking back. Does that count? I think the last time I was in a club was about a month ago, and it was like being in a time warp. I went in 11 o'clock at night and emerged seven in the morning and I have no idea how I managed to spend eight hours of my life in one place. I don't even spend that much time in bed normally.

M: What do you like to do when you go out?

R: I like talking to people. Hence why bars and clubs are annoying because you can scarcely hear yourself think. It was easier when I smoked because you could always nip outside and speak to people there. Now I have to sort of yell over the din to make myself heard. I think the last time I was out I just sat and spoke to random people, including the barman, actually.

M: Do you prefer going out on your own or with friends?

R: Does anybody go out by themselves? I either go out with them or I meet them at whatever venue we picked. And by we I mean they because I'm so old that all the places that I know are closed down years ago, probably.

M: Do people in your country go out a lot?

R: Well, not at the moment because of the lockdown restrictions. But if we speak more generally about times past, then, yeah, they did. Not just for fun either. People would go out walking, or jogging, or they would take dogs for a walk. If you speak at recreational drinking then it's like a famous thing in Scotland. Some nights the town centres resemble a war zone.

M: Scotland!

R: Freedom! Drinking!

M: Friday lights! Wo hoo! What is this? War? No, it's just Scottish night out. OK. Where do most young people like to go out in your country?
R: Well, clubbing was popular. We used to have clubs for everything. Like even certain age groups or fashion tastes. Like you had a rock and sort of, I suppose, grunge nightclubs. And people there would wear black and they would be like gothic people there. And that was cool. Um, and of course, there were times when people would just wander in groups of friends, and I imagine they still do when they can.
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