Do you use headphones? Do you usually use headphones when you listen to music? In what situations would you not use headphones? How often do you buy headphones?
  • Earphones (plural noun) - an electrical device that fits over or in your ears, allowing you to listen to a radio or a device that plays music.
  • Earbuds (plural noun) - a small headphone that fits inside the ear against the outer opening of the ear canal.
  • Compact (adj.) - consisting of parts that are positioned together closely or in a tidy way, using very little space.
  • Wireless (adj.) - using a system of radio signals rather than wires to connect computers, mobile phones, etc. to each other.
  • Noise cancellation (noun) - the blocking of outside noise so you don’t hear it.
  • Proactive (adj.) - taking action by causing change and not only reacting to change when it happens.
  • Remotely (adverb) - in the slightest degree.
  • To resemble (verb.) - to look like or be like someone or something.
Rory's watching you...
Rory's watching you...
Questions and answers
M: Do you use headphones?

R: I used to before earphones and earbuds were a thing. They're more compact and easier to carry around with you than a full set of headphones. But I think someone said the sound quality is better.

M: What type of headphones do you use?

R: Well, like I said, I use earbuds which are wireless and smaller. I actually don't think I've worn headphones in years, to be honest with you.

M: In what situations would you use headphones?

R: If I did use them, I suppose it would be when I need a lot of noise cancellation to hear things clearly. Like if I was on the metro or somewhere loud. Oh, we use headphones for recording the podcast when we're in the studio.

M: Do you usually use headphones when you listen to music?

R: No, I use earbuds when I'm listening to music.

M: In what situations would you not use headphones?

R: Well, that would be pretty much all the time now, because I almost never wear them. But if we expand the definition of headphones to include earbuds then I wouldn't use them when it's rude to like when I'm in a lecture or when someone's speaking to me. It's a bit impolite, isn't it?

M: How often do you buy headphones?
R: Oh God, only when I really need them to be honest with you. So it's more of a reaction than a proactive thing. The last time I bought anything remotely resembling headphones was last year when I bought my earbuds.

M: Thank you, Rory, for your answers!
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