What kind of pets do you like? What kinds of pets are common in your country? Would you like to have an exotic pet?
  • Breed (noun) - a particular type of animal or plant.
  • Assortment (noun) - a group of different types of something.
  • Create an air of sth - create an atmosphere of sth.
  • Household (noun) - home.
  • Numerous (adj.) - many.
  • Flog a dead horse (idiom) - to waste effort on something when there is no chance of succeeding.
  • Ambience (noun) - the character of a place or the quality it seems to have.
  • Companionship (noun) - the enjoyment of spending time with other people.
  • Cater to sth (phrasal verb) - to provide what someone or something wants or needs.
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Get exclusive episodes on IELTS Speaking parts 1, 2, and 3
Questions and answers
M: Rory, have you ever had a pet?

R: Yeah, our family had a tradition of keeping Chao-chaos. That's a breed of dog from China. It's one of the seven ancient breeds, actually, I think. And we also had fish, stick insects and an assortment of other small creatures from the local area that my little brother and I picked up. We don't have them now, but we did before when we were younger.

M: Do you have a pet at home now?

R: No, I live in a rented and shared apartment, so that wouldn't be fair. And I haven't the time to look after another animal, to be honest with you. I would like a dog, though, when I have a family of my own. I think it's helpful for kids to have a pet to help them learn about the world and cope with the struggles it brings.

M: What kind of pets do you like?

R: Well, I like dogs. If anyone has a dog, they have immediately won me over. Specifically big dogs. Though I like dogs in general too. They're really welcoming and they create this air of warmth in a household, which is really nice to have.

M: Did you have any pets when you were a child?

R: Well, like I said, we had two of man's best friend, and numerous goldfish, and small creatures. I think it helped a lot growing up to have companions. Though I should have appreciated it more at the time. I don't think you ever do when you were a child.

M: What kinds of pets are common in your country?

R: Ok. Well, at the risk of flogging a dead horse in terms of topics, dogs are very popular. You can see them everywhere. And cats are also a common sight in our neighborhoods and the surrounding neighborhoods as well. As our fish, although the fish will be outside in their fish tanks. And I heard that people are increasingly keeping ducks, but I'm not sure if that's true or not. Scotland freedom. Do what you like. Keep your duck.

M: No comments from me. Why do some people keep pets at home?
R: Well, they're good company and they add to the general ambience of the place. And they serve as a sort of furry security force. There are lots of other uses. I think companionship is the main desire they cater to, though. Animals are really good company to have.

M: Would you like to have an exotic pet?

R: I already do. I have you in my life.
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