Street Markets 2
Do you like going to street markets? When was the last time you went to a street market? Are there many street markets in your country? Do you prefer shopping in a mall or street market?
  • Bit (noun) - a small piece or amount of something.
  • Trinket (noun) - a small decorative object, or a piece of jewellery that is cheap or of low quality.
  • Stall (noun) - a large table or a small shop with an open front from which goods are sold in a public place.
  • Foodstuff (noun) - any substance that is used as food or to make food.
  • Handicraft (noun) - a product that is made by hand rather than by using a machine.
  • Bargain (noun) - an agreement between two people or groups in which each promises to do something in exchange for something else.
  • To traipse (verb) - to walk from one place to another, often feeling tired or bored.
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Get exclusive episodes on IELTS Speaking parts 1, 2, and 3
Questions and answers
M: So, Rory, do you like going to street markets?

R: God... We seem to be going through a period of topics that don't really affect me. I haven't been to a street market in years. They don't tend to have things that I'm really interested in. Usually I buy various bits and pieces online unless it's a book or a trinket for people back home. But like I say, that hasn't been for a while.

M: When was the last time you went to a street market?

R: I honestly can't recall. But if I were to guess, randomly, I think it was when I went to Haiti. And there was a collection of stalls and tables by the seaside. And they sold gifts based on seashells and things like that. You had to haggle over the prices, which I wasn't good at. But it was why I remembered it because I remember the merchants being really annoyed with me.

M: Are there any street markets in your country?

R: Well, probably not as many as there used to be after the pandemic, but you do see them from time to time, especially farmers' markets in the villages or small towns.

M: What do people usually buy there?

R: Well, I'm hardly an expert, but I think a lot of them sell local foodstuffs and handicrafts. Of course, you can have small stalls and tables with just about anything, but it seems like those would be the main good sold.

M: Do many people go to street markets in your country?

R: I honestly wouldn't know, but if I were to guess then I would say they would if they were given an easy opportunity to. People love a good bargain, and oh, well, or unique gift. And it's possible to get those at street markets.

M: Do you prefer shopping in a mall or a street market?
R: Actually, I'd rather shop online if I can. I'm really busy. And I don't have time to go traipsing around town or a big shopping center when I can sit at home in relative comfort or go for a relaxing walk.

M: Thank you very for your answers!
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